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Common Lawn Problems - Excessive Mower Clippings

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Excessive Mower Clippings

Keeping up with a regular lawn mowing schedule can be difficult even when the grass is growing slowly.  Add the combination of favorable weather and ideal growing conditions it can make things even more challenging to stay on top of when the turf is growing quickly. 


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It’s very important to adjust the mowing schedule to accommodate how quickly the lawn is growing.  This will help avoid leaving excessive mower clippings behind.  Excessive grass clippings cover the lawn and damage the grass that is being covered unless the clippings are bagged or raked away.   Aside from being very unaesthetically pleasing, excessive clippings usually indicate that more than 1/3 of the leaf blade is being removed at one time.  This causes stress to the plant and can weaken it making it most susceptible to disease and insect incidence. 

The best way to prevent excessive clippings left all over the lawn is to

  •          Adjust the mowing frequency schedule
  •          Bag mower clippings
  •          Use a mulching blade
  •          Mow the lawn when it is dry
  •          Rake away any clippings left on the lawn 


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