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The Benefits Of A Push Reel Mower

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These days, it's all about the gas - gas lawnmowers, gas trimmers. And once you get into winter, there are gas snow blowers. When it comes to your Ottawa turf care, gas is just so convenient. There's no cord to get tangled up in, you can buy gas virtually anywhere, and the power of a gas engine can be quite impressive. However, gas is expensive and harmful for the environment. Luckily, there's an equally mobile alternative in the modern push reel mower. It may seem a little old school, but you should consider it as a viable “green” option for your turf maintenance program.

How a Push Reel Mower Works

The average power rotary mower has a spinning blade that chops off the grass as it rotates like a helicopter. The end result can be torn and shredded turf. A torn grass blade is an injured grass blade. Avoid unnecessary wear and tear during your turf maintenance by switching to a sharper, gentler push reel mower.

Push reel mowers cut your grass like a pair of scissors. Better yet, they run on the infinitely renewable resource of elbow grease! Including reel mowers in your Ottawa turf care makes your grass healthier and may provide a bit more of a workout for you.

How a Push Reel Mower Will Benefit Your Ottawa Turf Care

When it comes to mowing the perfect lawn, there's no denying the benefits of a push reel system. There are several reasons that a push reel mower is better than an electric or gas powered alternatives:

  • They're better for the health of your lawn. The torn and shredded results of electric or gas powered motors leaves your lawn vulnerable to disease and Ottawa lawn insects. Grass that is cleanly cut heals faster.
  • Push reel mowers make your lawn look nicer. The scissor-like cutting motion of A the reel mower makes for a clean and even looking lawn. Need proof? Consider this: many professionally kept lawns are cut by large reel mowers.
  • They don't give off noise pollution. There's more than one way of polluting the environment. Gas powered lawn mowers give off quite the racket upon starting, and then stay loud while in operation. As such, you can't mow too early or too late during the day, which can be troublesome when the temperature skyrockets. Push reel mowers don't produce either noise issues.
  • They don't give off greenhouse gasses. Just because your power lawn mower has a small engine doesn't mean it's “green.” If it runs on gas it will still give off air pollution… and the longer you run it, the more it produces. Push reel mowers produce absolutely zero emissions.
  • Push reel mowers are no muss, no fuss. Basically, you push the mower and the blades spin around. Think you can handle that?
  • They're cheaper. Even the expensive mowers cost way less than most power mowers. The best part? No running or maintenance costs. The cost of your turf maintenance just dropped!
  • They provide a bit of exercise. These babies are person-powered. Depending on the weight of the mower, they can give you a nice round of exercise.

Choosing the Best Push Reel Mower

The construction of the reel mower is pretty standard. If you want to get one, you'll want to focus on various characteristics like:

  • Weight. How heavy will it be when you push it?
  • Width. The longer and bigger the mower is, the heavier it will be. But it will result in less passes back and forth on your lawn, which will cut down on time spent on your turf maintenance in Ottawa.
  • Height. What's the range of heights that you can adjust the blades up and down?
  • Direction of grass spray. The grass spray has a healthy effect on your lawn, but does a push mower spray behind the mower or in front? A front spray will be less likely to cover your feet in grass clippings.

Sometimes the best option is not the most technologically advanced option. If you're looking for quality information and the best service for your Ottawa turf care, contact Nutri-Lawn for a free quote.

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