Weed Attack: Lawn Care Technology To The Rescue

Weed Attack: Lawn Care Technology To The Rescue

Innovation host Michael Harding turns the camera on his own lawn in Woodstock, Ontario. When it comes to weeds, not everything that is green is desirable. After years of neglect, the Harding household is turning to professionals to improve their outdoor green space with the help of Nutri-Lawn. (Please click the picture to watch) … [Read more...]

Nutri-Lawn Moncton – Drew Bugden.


Nutri-Lawn Moncton – Drew Bugden. Thank-you to all our valued customers on behalf of the Provincial Food Distribution Centre and those who rely on the food banks for food and nourishment. At Nutri-Lawn we say, “We Nourish Lawns and Lives”. This is our way to nurture the communities around us, by giving back to them. … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Flowers for the Frost

As the leaves slowly continue to drop from the trees, you've probably begun to notice that your flowers are really taking a hit with the chilly weather. Some flowers can't be saved, but many others can be beautifully prepared for the winter temperatures with the right Vancouver lawn care. In particular, bulbs need protection so that they don't rise to the surface to face the frost. You're likely well on your way with your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services in getting your yard ready for … [Read more...]

Keep Your Evergreens Vibrant Year Round

Evergreens may be a hardy category of tree that requires very little maintenance, but there are still lawn care habits that you can practice to make sure your evergreens stay vibrant throughout winter. In fact, there are some things that you may regularly do for your other trees that can actually harm your evergreens. As backward as it sounds, too much maintenance and your evergreens could be seriously damaged. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa wants to help you keep that emerald beauty remaining on your … [Read more...]

From the ground up – Lawn & Landscape

From the ground up - Lawn & Landscape … [Read more...]