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The Grass Experts

Learn about all things lawn care, from weed control to insect control and everything in between. Get turf tips and tricks from the experts, or download our free seasonal lawn care guides.

Chinch Bugs Are Active In Ottawa

Introducing BioTitan, a NEW Chinch Bug Reduction Product.


Proper watering techniques are essential to an Ecology Friendly Lawn, and can reduce disease,...

Poison Ivy On Your Property? Call Nutrilawn Ottawa

Poison ivy is a noxious weed that is considered to be “poisonous to the touch” and is deemed a...

Extreme Heat Conditions and How it Can Affect Your Lawn.

Important message regarding the extreme heat conditions and how it can affect your lawn.

How To Defend Against Weed Infestations

You love your lawn with a passion, and want it to look its best this summer when showing it off...

What Nutri-Lawn Service Group Clients Should Expect in June

The province is opening up!

We are soon Returning to Backyard Fun and Summer Barbecues.

Tips For Repairing A Patchy Lawn

They say that beauty is in eye of the beholder, but when it comes to lawn care, I think we can...

Mow Your Way To A Healthy Lawn This Spring

Proper lawn maintenance can make a big difference in maintaining the condition of a healthy...

What Nutri-Lawn Service Group Clients Should Expect in May

Staying Home doesn't mean you have to stay inside.

Fertilize Your Lawn In Spring

It's no secret that spring is one the best times of year for lawn care. Now that the snow is...