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June 2024 Newsletter: Nova Scotia & Moncton

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JUNE 2024

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Crack and CreviceSome weeds are persistent enough to grow through cracks and crevices around homes. They are a major hassle to control. Vegetation control can effectively eliminate unsightly weeds and grasses growing in and around hard surfaces such as gravel driveways, sidewalks, interlocking patio stones, pavers, and pool decks.

Our non-selective weed control products are safely applied in accordance with provincial regulations and will not cause staining or damage to the hard surfaces where the weeds are treated.

Our crack & crevice control program can be started anytime. Regular scheduled visits (spring, summer, and fall) will help ensure any new weeds/grasses are controlled before they become a problem.

Vegetation control is spot treated using a backpack sprayer. The product becomes inert when it encounters soil, so there is minimal environmental impact.



Lawn SignLawns provide homeowners and the public that a professional lawn care serviced was preformed.

When certain products are used lawn care companies are required to post an approved sign with the date, time, and product applied to the lawn.

Our paper signs can be recycled with the plastic sticks can be reused. If you leave your stick by your front step our technicians will reuse them during your next visit.

At Nutri-Lawn, we believe in our ecology friendly approach.



Weed Control There are three fundamental factors that must be present and working together if you want a healthy lawn with minimal weeds: fertility, water, and mowing. When all three are done properly, the turf can compete with most existing weeds, and resist further weed germination.

How does a great lawn compete with weeds?

Quite simply, the thicker the lawn, the more difficult it is for weeds to grow and establish. Golf courses, for example, use very little weed control on their greens, tees, and fairways. Although the turf is cut very short, a strict regimen of mowing frequency, water, fertility, and over-seeding keeps them looking weed free.

Grass needs balanced nutrition for growth and to maintain the strength to fend off invasive weeds. Without fertility, grasses thin out, and weeds will begin to take over, to the point of dominating the space for light, soil, and water, over the turf.

Nutri-Lawn has been focusing on fertility as the cornerstone of its programs since the very beginning.

How do you reduce weeds in a lawn?

  • Follow Integrated Pest Management(IPM) methodology for weed and insect control application.
  • Controlled-Release Fertilizer technology to maintain season long nourishment.
  • Mowat 2.5 - 3" height weekly to maintain lawn health, which will reduce weed seed germination.
  • Waterweekly (minimum 1"), more frequently during hot and dry periods.
  • Annual Liquid Aeration.
  • Regular Enhanced Calcitic Lime applications to improve fertilizer performance and minimize weed growth.
  • Over-Seed at least once per season. Bare spots and thin turf only encourage weeds.


CAWThis online application allows customers to access their account from the comfort of your own home and on your own time.

  • Make secure online payments.
  • Set-up auto-pay for scheduled payments.
  • Purchase additional services.
  • Request estimates.
  • View payment and service history.

Visit nutrilawnonline.com to set-up your account.


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