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Seed your way to better grass this fall

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Good Option: 3-in-1 Seed & Feed

lawn-services-seed-feed3-in-1 Seed & Feed | Improve turf thickness with one step: premium 3-in-1 Seed and Feed. This unique mixture of 100% Ottawa-Blend certified grass seed, 100% weed-free pelletized organic compost and a start fertilizer is packed with essential plant nutrients. lawn-services-overseeding



Better Option: Overseeding 👍

lawn-services-overseedingOverseeding | This process thickens existing turf and introduces new varieties of grass. Core aeration is performed, and then the lawn is seeded with a broadcast spreader. This program is best for lawns without large bare patches. lawn-services-slitseeding




Best Option: Slitseeding 🌟

lawn-services-slitseedingSlitseeding | An excellent choice to repair heat & drought-stress, chinch bugs, or grub damaged lawns. A specialized machine cuts through dead turf and applies new seed directly into the soil, bringing the lawn back to life.





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Schedule your seeding service now to achieve best results. Fall dews and lower evening temperatures are perfect conditions for seed establishment.

Call (613) 739-3399 or reply to book.