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Thom Bourne, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

Thom is the Founder and Owner of Nutri-Lawn Ottawa for 29 years.

Poison Ivy On Your Property? Call Nutrilawn Ottawa

Poison ivy is a noxious weed that is considered to be “poisonous to the touch” and is deemed a potential risk to public health and safety. The plant’s oily resin will cause severe rash and blisters.

If you have identified poison ivy on your property, call Nutri-Lawn. Do not touch the plant yourself. We have 2 dedicated vegetation control teams that will remove and/or control the poison ivy.

What Nutri-Lawn Service Group Clients Should Expect in June

The province is opening up!

We are soon Returning to Backyard Fun and Summer Barbecues.

What Nutri-Lawn Service Group Clients Should Expect in May

Staying Home doesn't mean you have to stay inside.

Canada Day At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

We have a tradition in my company that means so much to me personally. Every year, I hand out...

Quick Tips To Avoid Mower Damage

Our technicians are currently seeing a lot of mower damage on lawns, particularly because of the...

When Are We Starting Weed Control?

In this new era of a pesticide ban, weeds need to be present and actively growing in order to be...

Is Your Lawn's Fuel Tank Empty?

Just like your car relies on fuel to move, and your body needs regular, balanced nutrients...

Beneficial Services (Core aeration and Seed)

Spring is the optimal time to aerate the lawns. Core aeration is the single most important thing...

Spring Weed Control

Weed germination occurs when the soil temperatures increase. Dandelions are usually the first to...