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Are grubs damaging your lawn this fall?

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Are grubs damaging your lawn this fall? Here is some information about this pest and a proven solution using Grub GONE!® .


What are grubs?

  • the larvae of the European Chafer beetle
  • feed on the roots of the turfgrasses
  • rodents and birds will tear up the grass to find grubs to eat
  • as a result of the grubs eating the roots, the grass will lose the ability to absorb nutrients and water, and the plants will die
  • Grub GONE!® , applied from June to early September, will reduce grub populations up to 90%
  • if the damage is extensive, renovations may be required to re-establish the turf.


  • soft, white, C-shaped bodies with tan or brown heads and six prominent, spiny legs
  • they are quite small when first hatched (3 to 4 mm long),
  • but at maturity reach a length ranging from 2 cm (3/4 inches).
  • A healthy grub is a milky white in colour, with the dark contents of its gut showing prominently through the cuticle at the hind end of the abdomen.


  • grubs feed on the roots of many plants but prefer the fibrous roots of turfgrasses.
  • as the root system is destroyed, sections of turf wilt, turn brown, and can be easily pulled back to reveal grubs beneath.
  • secondary damage is also caused by skunks, raccoons, and birds searching for grubs as food.
  • damage is most severe in the fall and the spring when the grubs are increasing in size rapidly and feeding near the surface.


Grub GONE!® is a biological grub control that was approved for use in Ontario and replaces the previous Nematode grub control service.

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