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Spring Lawn Care Updates

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Your lawns are not quite ready yet:   Despite experiencing a relatively gentle winter with minimal snow cover, it's still not the right time to start prepping your lawns for spring. We advise against walking on the moist turf or attempting to rake it, as these actions can harm the tender grass shoots. For now, the best approach is to relax with a warm cup of hot chocolate and evaluate your lawn's requirements. After the dormant winter season, your lawn will undoubtedly benefit from fertilization to nourish the plants. Additionally, weed control measures will become necessary as temperatures rise, typically starting in May. Consider whether your lawn might need reseeding this year, especially if you've noticed bald patches or thinning areas near your driveway, or signs of wildlife searching for grubs. You will have received confirmation letters outlining your scheduled services. Please review them to determine if there are any additional needs or adjustments to be made. Otherwise, rest assured that we'll be on hand to care for your lawn as soon as it's ready for our attention.

NEW!  Liquid Aeration is Here:  Once again, Nutri-Lawn continues to be industry-leaders in adopting new technologies.  Liquid Aeration is no exception. Our Liquid aeration service offers a solution that improves soil structure, soil physical properties, and enhances nutrient availability without surface disruption and the challenges associated with physical core aeration.  Liquid aeration offers enhanced benefits compared to traditional core aeration, all at a more affordable price.


  • 100% of the lawn is treated
  • No physical disruption of the lawns surface
  • Accelerated thatch breakdown
  • No messy soil cores left on the lawn
  • Increased infiltration and water holding capacity
  • Optimized nutrient availability and plant uptake
  • Extended root penetration and soil porosity
  • Enhanced soil microbial activity
  • Can be done any time of the year
  • No need to mark sprinklers
  • Enhanced colour and turf density

For more information, please contact us or visit our website: Liquid Aeration