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Technique Matters! Proper Mowing Techniques

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When done properly there are several mowing techniques that 
can make a big difference and impact the overall aesthetic 
appearance of your lawn when done properly. follow these 
 technique tips to achieve best results. 



use a straight cut line in a back and forth direction to mow the 
lawn. This is the most time efficient pattern. 

Perimeter Cut

Mow the perimeter edges along driveways, sidewalks, landscaping
etc. in a clockwise direction. This tends to throw the excess 
clippings away from the edges and into the center of the lawn. 
The perimeter cut outlines the edges and provides room to turn 
when you are performing the straight cuts.


By overlap each mowing pass by a few inches, you ensure the 
excess room between the end of the mower blades and the 
outside of the wheel is accounted for and thin strips of grass are 
not missed. 

Lawn Striping

Striping your lawn can have a very aesthetically pleasing 
appearance. Create striping simply by mowing the lawn in 
a back and forth direction leaving it with a “dark” and “light” 
coloured look. This is created when the blades of the grass are 
bent over away from the vantage point in one direction and 
bent towards the vantage point in the opposite direction. The 
reflection of light against the grass creates the striping effect. 


Mow your lawn at a medium to low speed to ensure control. 
Go especially slow along edges and around landscaping.


obstacles such as trees or landscaping can be treated in the 
same manner as the perimeter cut. Mow around the edges in 
a clockwise direction. 


Mow slopes in a side to side direction. Mowing in an up and 
down direction can be dangerous.

Forward Direction

Mow your lawn in a forward direction and walk directly behind 
the mower. Avoid walking backwards and pulling the mower 
towards yourself. This can be very dangerous as the mower 
becomes close to your feet.

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