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Late Summer Lawn Care - Nutri-Lawn Burlington

Don McQueen, Franchise Owner at Nutri-Lawn

With summer winding to a close and back to school shopping in full swing, it’s easy to forget about your lawn! After a summer of heat, helping it through these final weeks before fall is just as important as ever! If you have been spending time on your lawn over the summer you will have an idea of what it needs. By now, you will have established a regular mowing and watering schedule and you are on the lookout for lawn weeds, pests, and any irregularities. Keep up the excellent work while you follow these following steps for late summer lawn care in the Burlington area.

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Lawn Care For Newbies: Basic Terms Part 2 - Nutri-Lawn Vancouver

Robert Bourne, Nutri-Lawn Vancouver

In our last article for those just being introduced to the wonderful world of lawn care, we learned about soil, humus, fertilizer, aeration, thatch, and lawn mowing. In this article we will be delving even further into the terminology used to discuss your gorgeous lawn! Learn all about Vancouver Lawn Care today!


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Weed of the Week - Henbit

Shawn Karn, The Grass Expert

Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule)

Life Cycle – winter annual broadleaf weed

Growth Habit – Prostrate

Leaves – hairy, Broad, rounded, deeply lobbed, somewhat heart shaped

Roots – fibrous root system

Flower Colour – Purple to pink

Control – Easy to control

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Fall Lawn Weeds: Prepare for Battle - Nutri-Lawn Burlington

Don McQueen, Franchise Owner at Nutri-Lawn

Spring and fall, the best 2 seasons for weeds to invade your lawn. As you wander outdoors to take a closer look, thinking that you may not have to do much to your yard until next spring, you start to notice weeds. WEEDS!?! Yes. There’s one, and one over there, and another over there. Where did they come from? The lawn was weed free this summer!

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Why Choosing the Right Lawn Care Company Matters

Don McQueen, Franchise Owner at Nutri-Lawn

When it comes to your home’s property value, nothing increases curb appeal more than flawless landscaping. So, when it comes to selecting a lawn care company in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas, it’s all in the details. The right lawn care company will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. They will be able to anticipate your needs, and provide you with the services and support you need to have them met.

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Summer Fun! - Lawn Twister



What you need for Nutri-Lawn Twister:

  1.        1 large pizza box
  2.        4 cans of colored water based paint pray (to ensure easy removal)
  3.        Suggested colors: green (or white), yellow, blue and red
  4.        A lawn with space minimal 50’’x 70’’ to allow for game play.
  5.        A spinner for game play which can be found for download at:

How to play:

  1.        Mow the grass to a desired or comfortable length (note that you may choose to leave the grass a bit longer then desired to help cushion the inevitable fall!)
  2.        Measure out desired game play area (min 50’’ x 70 ‘’)
  3.        Start spraying the board (eye ball the line) with 4 horizontal colors (G,Y,B,R)
  1.        Leave an approx. 4 inch gap between the sprayed circles
  2.        Print out the spinner board and attach a spinner and start having fun!

Other great lawn games: 

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Summer Fun! - Giant Outdoor Jenga


How to set up Outdoor Jenga:

  1. Purchase enough 2x4 boards to cut into forty-eight 10 ½ inch pieces ( approx. 8 boards of 8ft in length)
  2. Cut the pieces (10 ½ inches)  yourself or have the lumberyard do this for you (they should upon request)
  •          Try to avoid lumber with excess knots
  1. Sand all the edges to make sure there is no rough or splintering edges. This will also help the boards slide across one another for the purpose of removing the blocks
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2015 Rutgers Field Day - University Turfgrass Research

Shawn Karn, The Grass Expert

In a continuing effort to learn about the latest research in turfgrass science, Nutri-Lawn participated in the two-day 2015 Rutgers Field Day at University Turfgrass Research Field Days held in North Brunswick, NJ.  In what may be the “World’s largest outdoor classroom” lawn care professionals, golf course superintendents, and sports field managers participate in the interactive learning sessions where highly anticipated field research in turfgrass science is on display.  Research scientists from across North America specializing in entomology, plant pathology, plant physiology, and weed science shared the latest information on cutting edge turfgrass breeding, best management practices and professional equipment.    

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Beating the Heat with a Green Lawn

Thom Bourne, Franchise Owner at Nutri-Lawn

Summer Lawn Tips and how a green lawn can help beat the heat! 

Did you know that keeping your lawn as green - and therefore as healthy as possible - acts as a natural air conditioner? And furthermore, that a cooler lawn is more resistant to lawn weeds, pests, and brown spots? It’s true! A green lawn is more capable of keeping temperatures down than a dry, browning lawn.

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Summer Fun! - Nutri "Lawn Bowling"



What you need for summer fun 'Nutri-Lawn Bowling':

  1.       10 x 2L Pop bottles ( Empty) cleaned and dry with labels removed
  2.       Any material to add weight to the bottom of the bottles (Sand or Gravel work well)
  3.       A soccer ball or ball of similar size
  4.       A Lawn
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