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Get started for just $20!

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Get Started for just $20!

Lawns in Ottawa love Nutri-Lawn.  As Valentine's Day approaches, we're reminded of the relationships that matter most, and that includes the special bond between homeowners and their lawns. Lawn care is more than just fertilizer and natural weed management. It is about caring for people and homes by providing friendly, timely, and proven solutions.

In 2024, fall back in love with your lawn by rediscovering the difference our dedicated team and exceptional service can make. Our commitment to creating beautiful, healthy lawns is matched only by our promise to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Click below to see the programs we think would greatly benefit your lawn, and your peace of mind.


If you would like to discuss our programs or any of our other services that we offer, please contact our office at 613-739-3399 or send a love note to ottawa@nutrilawn.com.  

💙 Local Ownership for 35 years, Local Service, Ottawa’s Choice.  💙