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Watch Out for Lawn Rust

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Want an excellent litmus (pH) test for how your lawn is growing? See if the grass has gone rusty. If it has, you're in for some trouble! Sounds like it's time to contact Nutri-Lawn and book an emergency Ottawa turf maintenance session!

What are the Signs of Rust?

Rust is usually visible on the edge of grass blades where it forms a brownish fungus. It doesn't necessarily do any harm, although it does tend to rub off onto clothing and footwear – which isn't good if you have white carpets. What's more, if left untreated, lawn rust will give your grass an unusual golden glow.

What's the best way to get rid of lawn rust? By contacting Ottawa Nutri-Lawn's turf maintenance services, of course! When you call, make sure you ask one of our lawn care professional how you can improve the overall health of your property. If you see lawn rust, it's a sign that your grass is sick and that you need to step up your Ottawa turf maintenance. For pointers on how to get the most out of your lawn care this spring, contact Nutri-Lawn. And do it soon – our appointments fill up quickly!

How Lawn Rust Slowly Takes Over Your Ottawa Turf Maintenance

If your grass is good and healthy, lawn rust won't be an issue. However, when the growth rate of the lawn gets a little low, it leaves the door open for this pesky problem.

The usual suspect for lawn rust is water management. If your lawn is soaked, this causes the nitrogen levels to deplete and your turf to stop growing. On the flip side, if the lawn is parched, it won't grow either. Both of these circumstances are an invitation for lawn rust, so pay close attention to your Ottawa sprinkler system settings. Currently watering your lawn by hand? Now's the perfect time to look into one of our turf maintenance services' irrigation programs!

Fungus Be Gone!

To improve your Ottawa turf maintenance, you need to balance out your lawn's water intake. If you water it too much, you should cut back and apply an appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer to stimulate growth.

Alternatively, if your grass is parched, it's time to get watering! The best way to do this is to install an inground irrigation system. This will ensure that your grass receives a sufficient amount of water on a regular basis.

If your watering habits are in good shape, then another way to defend against lawn rust is to vary the species of grass on your property. Lawn rust responds differently to different grass species, so be sure to select a hearty blend of grass types. Over time, you'll find that the grass species tend to look out for one another. One type will fend off one fungus, while the other will kill a different type. If your lawn is already in place, look into overseeding as a potential turf maintenance service solution.

Late in the Summer? Don't Panic

If you notice a rusty tinge to your grass late in the summer, have no fear! Lawn rust in the late summer is normal. Like humans, lawns get tired of the incessant heat. Autumn's growth spurt will clear all of that up.

Worried about lawn rust? Contact Nutri-Lawn's Ottawa turf maintenance service today for expert advice.

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