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The Importance of Raking or Mulching Leaves in the Fall

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The Importance of Raking or Mulching Leaves in the Fall

As the leaves start to turn those stunning shades of amber and crimson, we’re reminded that fall is settling in. But with the picturesque scenery comes the essential chore of leaf management to maintain a healthy lawn. At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, we understand the critical role that raking or mulching leaves plays in preserving the vitality of your lawn.


Allowing a dense layer of leaves to accumulate on your lawn can have detrimental effects. A heavy blanket of fallen leaves can smother the existing turf below, leading to a host of problems including lawn diseases and even root death. The stifled turf struggles to access the sunlight, water, and nutrients that it direly needs to remain healthy and vibrant.

Raking helps to prevent these issues by removing the obstructive layer of leaves, facilitating better air circulation, and averting moisture buildup that can foster disease. Mulching, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly alternative where the leaves are shredded into smaller pieces, providing the lawn with essential nutrients as they decompose.

Protect your lush green lawn from the adverse effects of autumn by engaging in regular raking or mulching. For tailored advice and expert lawn care services, explore our website at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa for more details. Let’s work together in keeping your lawn healthy and thriving all year round!

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