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Wondering what Spot Spraying of Weeds entails?

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Wondering what Spot Spraying of Weeds entails?

Do it yourself vs Nutri-Lawn

Since the 2009 ban on traditional lawn pesticides, manufacturers have been diligently striving to develop nature-based weed controls that actually work.

Fiesta weed control is a selective bio-herbicide for lawns, born out of nature's own iron. Not only is it odourless and rain fast just three hours after application, but it also acts swiftly.

Fiesta effectively targets a range of prevalent lawn weeds, although there are certain weeds not listed on its label and hence are beyond its control. Our trained technicians utilize a specialized application system that enables them to traverse your property and apply the solution only to the controllable weeds. This approach prevents unnecessary product use, lowers costs for our customers, and aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.

Here is a pdf of the Fiesta weed identification sheet

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