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Beware, The Chinch Bugs Are Back! Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Has The Solution

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With the summer heat comes the resurgence of Hairy Chinch Bugs, small yet insidious insects causing extensive lawn damage in Ontario. These 4 mm bugs live in the thatch layer of your lawn, piercing leaf blades, sucking plant juices, and injecting a harmful saliva that causes your grass to brown and die. Left untreated, these pests can wreak havoc on your lawn during their active feeding stage.

But worry not, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa has the answer with BioTitan®. A revolutionary microbial insecticide, BioTitan® provides up to a 60% reduction in chinch bug populations when applied properly. It harnesses the power of Beauveria bassiana strain ANT-03, a fungus native to Canada, which acts as a natural parasite to various invertebrates. This living organism causes chinch bugs to die within three to five days, providing an effective and environmentally friendly solution.

BioTitan® is easy to use, coming in a granular form, and causes no plant damage. Importantly, it is safe for both pets and people, with no limit on the number of applications. It is also compatible with other biological agents, increasing its effectiveness in maintaining a healthy, green lawn.

Let Nutri-Lawn Ottawa help protect your lawn this summer with the power of BioTitan®. Because your lawn deserves to thrive, not just survive!

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