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Nutri-Lawn services are beginning. What to Expect in April.

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April is the time to prepare your property for another great SUMMER.

Thank you for being a Nutri-Lawn service group client. Only clients such as you who have signed or recorded their authorization will receive services.

As a locally owned business we are excited to be in our 35th season and want to let you know what to expect this month as well as keep you updated on our additional services that add value and enjoyment to your home and business.

To view the Nutri-Lawn service group tip sheets and resources, click the links:



Spring Fertilizer: After the winter season, your lawn will undoubtedly benefit from fertilization to nourish the plants. Applications will begin shortly. We are just waiting for Mother Nature to warm the temperatures a little more and we can begin. All our trucks will be out in full force shortly and we will be finished with the first fertilizations in early May (weather permitting). Weeds usually begin to germinate the 2nd week in May and as such, your weed control visit will begin in May.

Seeding: Consider whether your lawn might need reseeding this year, especially if you've noticed bald patches or thinning areas. Beneficial services for your turf, such as overseeding, seed and feed, and slit seedings begin when the turf is warm enough for optimal seed germination.

NEW! Liquid Aeration is Here: Once again, Nutri-Lawn continues to be industry-leaders in adopting new technologies. Liquid Aeration is no exception. Our Liquid aeration service offers a solution that improves soil structure, soil physical properties, and enhances nutrient availability without surface disruption and the challenges associated with physical core aeration. Liquid aeration offers enhanced benefits compared to traditional core aeration, all at a more affordable price.


● 100% of the lawn is treated

● No physical disruption of the lawns surface

● Accelerated thatch breakdown

● No messy soil cores left on the lawn

● Increased infiltration and water holding capacity

● Optimized nutrient availability and plant uptake

● Extended root penetration and soil porosity

● Enhanced soil microbial activity

● Can be done any time of the year

● No need to mark sprinklers

● Enhanced colour and turf density For more information, please contact us or visit our website: Liquid Aeration.



Sprinkler System Start- Ups: Our crews are busy preparing and stocking the vehicles for spring start-ups and repairs. Our Irrigation Production Team will begin a soft launch the week of April 22nd with full start-up crews the following week.

Our Irrigation Coordinators will reach out to our clients to set up an appointment for your spring start-up. You can contact Martina and her team any time at 613-317-2332 or, visit us at SprinklerSolutions.com.

Sprinkler System Installations: The lack of snow this winter can lead to summer drought according to experts. (CBC News, Feb 25, 2024) Grass and gardens need water to survive. Smart Irrigation Systems, installed by Sprinkler Solutions from Nutri-Lawn, can ensure that your vegetation gets the water it needs to be healthy and thrive. Our installation appointments are filling up quickly. If you are interested in having a sprinkler system installed this summer, please Book Your Estimate now.


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TICKS: As the temperatures increase, we will start to see the return of biting insects. IT'S TICK SEASON! There are lots of articles in the news these days about ticks and the diseases that they transmit. Protect you, your family, and pets from nasty disease carrying ticks. Our technicians will focus the treatments on the areas where ticks live, quest, and hide. For clients with scheduled tick services, applications will begin in late April / early May and will be completed throughout May.

MOSQUITOES: Our mosquito control services start as soon as the foliage is out on the trees/shrubs (beginning late May weather permitting). We will then return in approximately 14 days for the second application, to ensure a good barrier is in place once more foliage emerges. For more information, visit us at: mosquito.buzz or call or text 613-231-2899 (buzz).

GLO Outdoor Lighting and Christmas Decor


GLO Outdoor Lighting: Our GLO Outdoor Lighting teams are back to installing lighting systems after the Christmas break. Take your property to the next level with GLO Outdoor Lighting! Make your home look amazing year-round! Elevate the beauty and safety of your home with our customized permanent lighting. Online estimates take less than an hour and are free. Contact us today for a quote and watch the magic happen.

Contact Jennifer, our lighting expert, at sales@GLOoutdoorlighting.com or see the beauty at GLO Outdoor Lighting.


Enjoy the benefits of workplace flexibility so you can get that perfect balance. Whether you're looking for a summer job or a place to build your career, we've got a role for you.

With over 34 seasons of lawn care leadership under our belt and the success of your additional services under the Nutri-Lawn service group umbrella, there's plenty of room to evolve with us. Upload your resume to: https://www.nutrilawn.com/recruitment or email greatjobs@nutrilawn.com to get started.

The management team would like to thank you for your business this season. We are immensely proud of our employees and the quality of service they provide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your office.

Thank you for your continuing business and support!

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Yours truly,

Thome Bourne And Your Nutri-Lawn Team