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Chinch Bugs Are Active In Ottawa

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Introducing BioTitan, a NEW Chinch Bug Reduction Product.

Up to 60% reduction of lawn damaging Chinch Bugs.

The Ontario government has had a ban on pesticides, such as chinch bug control, since 2007. As such, homeowners were left without any tools to control the lawn devastation caused by these tiny insects.

Finally! We have a newly registered product that will reduce the chinch bug populations.

BioTitan® is a NEW microbial insecticide that will provide UP TO 60% reduction of chinch bug populations when watered ½” after the application. It is safe on pets and people as well as the environment. The product is applied in a liquid form and must be watered ½ inch after the application.

Just like us, Chinch Bugs are most active in the spring and summer. Unlike us, they live in the thatch layer of your lawn where they feed on the grass and suck out plant juice. While they're busy doing that, they release enzymes which cause your grass to turn brown & die.

Damage is often discovered in June, July and August... that's right now! This damage can be easily mistaken for heat and drought stress, so it's important to closely inspect the lawn to determine if it's summer stress or chinch bug damage.

Chinch Bug Suppression applications effectively target the pests in their nymph stage, which is when they are actively feeding and causing damage.

Don't let chinch bugs ruin your summer! Please call our office at 613-739-3399 or email ottawa@nutrilawn.com to book your Chinch Bug Treatment before it's too late.

To shop on your own time, visit: shopnutrilawnottawa.com

Chinch bugs are most active in spring and summer.