Growing an August Lawn: Late Summer Ottawa Lawn Care

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8/11/14 9:11 AM

Summer is coming to an end and it's not just your wardrobe and house that needs a little preparation to survive the cold. Your lawn requires specific late summer lawn care to prepare for the harsh Ottawa winters. August Ottawa lawn care practices are simple procedures that go a long way to protect your lawn. Many of these are included in Nutri-Lawn Ottawa services, and others simply require an adjustment in your weekly lawn care habits. Read on for tips on late summer lawn care from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa.

Clean up your lawn

Before going into winter and fall, use your late summer lawn care to remove breeding spaces for fungus and rodents. These are also usually the spaces that suffocate your grass. Thatch is one such space that needs to be eliminated. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can remove thatch for you through dethatching, or through core aeration. This should be done in late summer or early fall to let your lawn breathe before winter arrives.

It's important to remember that you need to leave some growing season following a dethatching. Dethatching can weaken your grass, so, ideally, your grass needs approximately 4 weeks of growth to maintain strength and health.

Give your lawn breathing holes

Core aeration is a great late summer lawn care practice to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to get ready for the cold season. Aeration involves punching small tubes of soil out of your lawn to release compaction. This Ottawa lawn care process can also be used to dethatch when your thatch layer is 3 inches or less.

These tunnels act as areas where fertilizer, water, oxygen, and other nutrients necessary for growth may enter deeper into your lawn.

Feed your lawn

Just like a hibernating bear, your lawn needs to get a good feeding before winter to sustain its health and strength. Fertilize your grass in late summer or early fall, particularly after Nutri-Lawn Ottawa have dethatched and aerated your lawn.

There are a wide variety of fertilizer options with your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa services. From organics to kelp to traditional, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa offers fertilizer for any homeowner's preferences.

Renew your lawn

Mid-August to early September is a perfect time to reseed your lawn. This is a great time to fix the damage that your lawn took on over the summer. You'll want to reseed early enough before the cold temperatures set in, so that your grass can thrive and grow strong in time for winter.

Know your grass

Do you have a cool season or a warm season grass? If you have a cool season grass, its peak growing period will be in the early spring or fall. During this time, lower your mowing height just slightly – from about 3 inches to 2 – 2 ½ inches.

Don't wait to get started on August Ottawa lawn care. Receive your complimentary quote for Nutri-Lawn Ottawa services today.

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