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What Does My Lawn Need? Part 3

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Summer stress can leave lawns brown and dry.

Part 3 in our series of What does my Lawn Need Blogs brings us to Brown and Bare Lawns.  In our other 2 parts, we discussed Animals Damaging our Lawns and last week we chatted about standing water.  This week, a sight that we see most often in the Summer, those dry, dormant, brown and bare lawns!

Ahh summer in the Lower Mainland! Long days, warm breezes and full sun! After the rain has left, the sun is a nice change!  Not for our lawns though.  Water restrictions and hot summer days can make for a lot of brown and dry lawns!

A brown and dry lawn can rear its’ face at any time of the year, although more common in the hotter months, but regardless of when, the causes remain the same.  Lack of water and nutrients!

At Nutri-Lawn, we recommend deep watering. This means that rather than being concerned with the amount of time required to water your lawn, pay attention to how deep into the soil the water is able to get.  When we deeply water the lawn, we teach the roots to grow and stretch deeper into the soil.  Check out our video on Youtube to use our “tuna can trick” to get the right amount of water into your lawn!

Water in summer.

Other tips to ensure that the lawn stays green and healthy include: regular fertilizing.  Making sure that your lawn gets food at regular periods of time throughout the growing season is most important.  A well fed lawn is a healthy lawn, better able to withstand stress.  Proper mowing!  We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your lawn mowed no less than 2.5” and no higher than 3”.  When it comes to grass what happens above, happens below.  So when our grass blades are 2.5-3”, than the roots will be that long as well. It’s those deep roots that help our grass be better able to protect and strengthen itself.  Core Aerations are also one of the more important things to do every year!  Pulling these cores helps with water flow, air flow, nutrient flow, reduces the thatch layer and helps with compaction. 

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My last tip on this topic is a Nutri-Lawn Vancouver secret weapon, we call it our Summer Stimulant.  It is derived from a Kelp extract and works wonders to alleviate stress in a lawn allowing it to start to heal itself.  During those warmer months or other times your lawn is stressed, the Summer Stimulant works like Ibuprofen for a headache.  Not to mention it is a great product for removing stains on the lawn left from our furry friends using our lawns as a toilet!    

Brown and dry lawns can be saved, but do take some pre-planning. Spring is an important time to ensure that we make the lawn as healthy as possible before the time of stress comes.  A healthy lawn, like a healthy body, can take better care of itself in times of stress.

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