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The Benefits of Clover for Your Vancouver Lawn

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Are you tired of putting in a lot of work to maintain your lawn? Sick of grass that sucks up nutrients just to become patchy throughout winter and require constant overseeding and other lawn maintenance services in the spring? These feelings of frustration may mean that it's time for you to look into lazy gardening. It's time to reclaim the word "lazy" in a way that offers a healthy lawn without adding countless lawn maintenance services to your already busy schedule. Clover may be the best option for you.

Clover lawns carry numerous benefits that you may never have considered. In fact, most people see clover as a weed and a pest. However, Nutri-Lawn Vancouver understands the benefits of clover, and is ready to show you how this little good luck charm can become a saving grace in your Vancouver lawn maintenance program. Read on to find out how clover can make a lovely addition to your Vancouver property.

Wave goodbye to weeds

Clover is a highly durable ground covering, particularly against weeds. It chokes out weeds, while maintaining a healthy relationship with existing grass. In that respect, you'll be able to keep around some grass if you like, while also strengthening your lawn with this fortification against weeds.

Fewer fertilizer applications

Clover simply doesn't require the amount of care and fertilization required by other common turf grass varieties. The bacteria in clover's roots naturally convert nitrogen in the soil into the food it needs to survive. This means that you won't have to fertilize as regularly or as thoroughly as you would with a turf grass lawn. You will save you money on lawn maintenance so you can direct your resources elsewhere.

Reduce mowing habits

Clover doesn't grow in the same way that grass does, meaning that it doesn't need to be mowed quite as often. While you won't be able to completely remove mowing from your Vancouver lawn maintenance program, you will be able to reduce the amount of mowing necessary to keeping a healthy, strong lawn.

If you're planting clover in a lawn that has grass already, Nutri-Lawn Vancouver recommends mowing your grass relatively short during the planting period to make sure the clover seed gets water. If you have a full clover lawn, you'll quickly notice how much your mowing requirements are decreased.

Create a gorgeous aesthetic

Clover gets a bad rap, with many homeowners believing it to be a weed. However, clover is far from destructive to your lawn. It is highly beneficial, and adds a gorgeous aesthetic appearance to your lawn. The little white and pink flowers that bloom out of this plant create beautiful sporadic patterns across your yard to draw in the eye of any onlooker.

Attract pollinating and beneficial insects

The beautiful little blossoms mentioned above do a fabulous job attracting honeybees. Honeybees are entirely harmless to your children, not being the type to sting humans, and will act as natural pollinators for your gardens.

The clover blossoms will also attract butterflies and other beneficial insects. These beneficial insects include natural predators that will attack and eradicate harmful insects, allowing your other lawn maintenance procedures to benefit from the addition of clover to your yard.

Reduce and conserve irrigation

Clover requires less water to survive than common turf grasses. It can withstand the harsh conditions of a draught while retaining its rich, verdant colours. When you have a full clover lawn, you can significantly reduce the amount of water you use in your lawn maintenance practices, and therefore boost your eco-friendly status.

Are you curious about what other options are available for engaging in an eco-friendly Vancouver lawn maintenance program? Contact the lawn care experts at Nutri-Lawn Vancouver today to receive your complimentary quote.

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