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Fun Summer Game: Frisbee Cups

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What you’ll need

  •          4 plastic beer cups
  •          4 players
  •          4 wooden dowels, 1/4 - 1/2 inch in diameter, 3-4 feet long
  •          Any drinks, although canned is preferable
  •          Frisbee

How to Play

  1. Take two of the dowels and stick them in the ground to form a V-shape. (You'll want enough       room between them so that the Frisbee can pass through the middle.)
  2. Pace off about 10-15 feet and do the same with the other two dowels.
  3. Place a cup on the tops of each of the dowels
  4. Divide into two(2) teams
  5. Each team takes position behind their dowels
  6. Each team takes turn trying to knock off the opposing teams cups by throwing the Frisbee at the cups or the dowels


  1. Each time a cup is knocked off the team who knocks the cup off gets one (1+) point
  2. If the team manages to get the Frisbee between the two dowels without knocking either of the cups off they receive 3 points.
  3. If the cup is knocked off but caught by the team on defense before the cup can hit the ground then no point for that cup is given.
  4. The winning team is the team that arrives first at the predetermined score agreed to by both teams.

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