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Reduce Lawn Maintenance with a Clover Lawn

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Lawn maintenance in Ottawa can get to be a bit of a hassle. If you have a busy schedule, the mowing and watering alone can take up considerable time that may be better spent on R&R after a hectic week. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can take care of the big projects, but why not reduce the weekly maintenance required by a grass lawn? You can do that with a clover lawn.

It may seem strange, but a yard carpeted in clover rather than grass looks both beautiful and is extremely low maintenance. If you're sick of your daily lawn care regimen, then clover is perfect for you. Read on to find out how a clover yard can supplement your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa lawn maintenance services in taking some effort out of lawn care.

Stow the mower

Clover rarely needs a mow. Clover doesn't grow at the same speed of grass, and doesn't get to the annoying, prickly heights that grass does. For this reason, you can almost entirely remove weekly mowing from your regular lawn maintenance program.

It feeds itself

Clover requires no fertilizer whatsoever. In the simplest of terms, clover absorbs nitrogen found naturally in the atmosphere, and transforms that nitrogen into usable fertilizer, which it then deposits into the soil. Clover is constantly feeding itself. Adding fertilizer from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can give your clover an added boost if needed.

Because it is self-sufficient, clover doesn't need a solid soil foundation in which to thrive. In fact, clover will most often pop up unexpectedly in areas where nitrogen is lacking.

Don't let drought be a drag

Clover is known for being drought resistant. Clover requires less water than grass to survive, due to its ability to grow deep, strong root systems. While grass takes effort and particular lawn care practices to grow deep roots, clover does so naturally.

Throughout a drought, your clover lawn will stay green and healthy without having to drain resources. Though clover's drought resistance brings aesthetic benefits to your lawn care, it also allows you to save money and boost your eco-friendly status in your neighbourhood. As a company committed to eco-friendly practices, Nutri-Lawn Ottawa supports the use of clover for its advanced "green" status.

Resist weeds and damage

Clover isn't an easy organism to damage. Its deep root system resists the stranglehold of weeds, so you'll have to spend less of your summer picking out and fighting against these organic foes.

If you have a dog, clover is the perfect yard partner. Every dog owner has been frustrated at some point by the ugly brown patches on the yard from dog urine damage. These patches interrupt the full covering of luscious green and create rough spots that you don't want your kids to have to run through. Clover resists dog urine damage so that you no longer have to try to fix this unsightly occurrence with extensive lawn treatments.

If you're ready to learn more about environmentally-friendly lawn care practices, contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa for a complimentary quote today. You and your lawn will be happy you did!

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