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Keep Your Trees Evergreen with Nutri-Lawn Vancouver

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With the winter coming and the onslaught of wind chills, you'll need to protect your trees to make sure that your landscaping stays green throughout the freezing weather. The last thing you want is a completely dry, barren lawn when April arrives. While you can't stop the grass or most of your flowers from going brown and dormant, you can keep your evergreens verdantly lively. Caring for evergreens over the winter months can be a cold task, but one that you will certainly not regret in a couple of months.

Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services can help you out in these winter preparations and routines, but there are some things you'll need to take care of at home. Here are a couple of simple tips from Nutri-Lawn Vancouver to keep your evergreens looking green and gorgeous all year long.

Careful with fertilizer

Unlike the maintenance of most plants, caring for evergreens doesn't require much fertilizer. In fact, fertilizer can actually be fatally harmful for evergreen trees and shrubs. The only time you should fertilize your evergreens is if they are starting to lose their lush, emerald tones.

If this does happen, use only about a tablespoon of balanced fertilizer from Nutri-Lawn Vancouver. This can be dispersed around the tree to revitalize it. Remember that this is a last chance option when caring for evergreens, as fertilizer can be harmful if not required.

Be particular with pruning

In many ways, caring for your evergreens is going to be some of the lowest maintenance yard work you'll have to do. In the same way that they won't need much fertilizer with your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services, evergreens also don't require a lot of pruning or shearing either. In fact, it's usually best to let them grow naturally.

If you take out any parts of the structure of the shrub or tree, you will quickly regret it. These gaps will remain for a significant period of time, as the structure can take as long as a few years to regrow.

While it's best to allow the trees to grow naturally, evergreen shrubs should be frequently pruned. All you want to do when pruning evergreens is to keep them at their natural shape, and discourage overgrowth.

Pruning is best completed in the fall, following the growth season, which ends around August.

Keep up proper irrigation

During the fall, it is important to provide your evergreens enough water with your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services. Though evergreens also require a very small amount of water and soil that drains easily, you need to make sure the soil has enough water to last the winter. Once the ground freezes, your evergreens are going to have a tough time sapping up water through the hardened soil – if any water can get through the soil at all.

Evergreens are incredibly low maintenance. Their few needs make them the perfect plant to survive through the tough winter months, and to help your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services transition into the cold season. Receive a complimentary quote today from Nutri-Lawn Vancouver.

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