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How to Care For Your Lawn in Winter

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Ottawa winters are long, cold, and dreary. Blowing winds, whiteout conditions, sub-zero temperatures – we get to enjoy it all! And even though we sometimes luck out and enjoy an afternoon of warm sunshine, it's never more than a tease. But herein lies the problem – just because it's cold and snowy outside, doesn't mean you can forget about your lawn care responsibilities. A lush, vibrant lawn requires regular maintenance all year long, so don't even think about slacking! Here are some important winter lawn care tips to keep in mind the next time you're out shovelling the drive.

    1. Reduce Traffic Flow

      Watch your step the next time you're out in your Ottawa yard this winter. Dormant grass can only tolerate moderate amounts of traffic – too much trampling and you could cause irreversible damage. The more you or your pets walk on a wet, dormant lawn, the longer it will take for the turf to green up in the spring.

      When you're shovelling the drive, make sure you take the time to clear the sidewalk in front of your home and any walkways to side or back doors. This way, pedestrians won't be tempted to cut across your lawn. Furthermore, it's important that you never park your vehicle on wet or snow covered grass. Even a lightweight vehicle will leave impressions in the soil and cause damage to the grass.

    2. Perform a Clean Sweep

      Ever notice how much junk your lawn collects over the winter months? From garbage to organic debris, it's amazing what pops up once the snow melts away. The next time the sun is out and the snow is melted, take stock of your property. Remove any trash or debris that may be piled along fence lines or beneath trees. The longer these items cover your lawn, the easier it is for disease to fester and spread.

    3. Pay Attention to the Forecast

      The great thing about turf is its resiliency. It doesn't matter what you do to it, it will almost always bounce back following a little TLC. However, just because you can abuse your lawn, doesn't mean you should. Preventing damage before it has a chance to happen is always the best option. As such, pay attention to your local weather forecast. If a winter storm is on the way, survey your property. It may be worthwhile to chip away any exposed ice in low spots in order to reduce the potential for damage.

    4. Winterize Your Lawn Mower

      Now is the perfect time to service your lawn mower before the busy spring season. As part of your maintenance plan, be sure to request a blade sharpening and the replacement of any parts or fluids. A well-maintained lawn mower will help extend the life of your turf.

    5. Book Your Spring Services

      Last, but not least, remember to contact Nutri-Lawn to book your spring Ottawa lawn care services. From aeration tooverseeding, spring is a busy season for our lawn care professionals. Failure to book your service early could result in a late service call, which could ultimately impact the health of your lawn for the rest of the growing season. For more information on spring Ottawa lawn maintenance services, or to schedule your booking, please contact our officedirectly.

Ottawa winters can be extremely unpredictable. From record snowfalls to unseasonable warmth, you never know what you'll find outside your window. Make sure you're prepared for the unexpected. For more information on winter lawn care tips and spring maintenance services, call 613.739.4630.

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