The Benefits Of A “Green” Lawn

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8/17/12 12:50 PM

Your grass may be greener. In fact, it may be the greenest lawn on your block. But is it truly "green"? Meaning, are your lawn maintenance practices environmentally friendly? There are many disconcerting statistics regarding the environmental effects of lawn care. Some are unavoidable, such as cutting your lawn with a gas mower. However, there are also plenty of eco-friendly ways to keep your lawn green and lush. While most people think of switching to chemical-free lawn care products, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a "green" lawn.

Make It Rain

The best things in life are free, and rainwater is one of them. Rain results in less water used for your lawn maintenance. In addition, rain doesn't have chlorine or other chemicals that can be found in water systems, which brings you one step closer to the ultimate goal of chemical-free lawn care.

Unfortunately, sometimes Mother Nature doesn't always answer our requests for rain. If you've been doing frantic rain dances in your yard, take a break. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help with your irrigation issues.

Nutri-Lawn takes water conservation into account when it comes to their Ottawa sprinkler systems. Your irrigation systems can be set so that they go off depending on the moisture in the soil. As such, your sprinklers won't be needlessly hydrating your lawn during the middle of a torrential downpour. And the best part? No more rain dancing!

Grass Gone Wild

If your grass is hopelessly high-maintenance and you simply can't justify the expense of additional lawn maintenance, it might be time to consider a lawn renovation.

Some grass species works well in certain climates and regions, while others don't. For inspiration, visit any wilderness area where the grass is untouched. Those are the types of species that will thrive on your property. If all grass looks the same to you, ask your Nutri-Lawn consultant about our Ottawa lawn hydroseeding services. They can help you select the right seed for your region.

Another way to help your grass be more eco-friendly is to let it get a little wild by mowing less. Taller grass is healthier grass. It also:

  • Shades the soil
  • Reduces water evaporation (remember that bit about water conservation?)
  • Helps prevent weeds and bugs
  • Tolerates dry conditions better

Is there anything tall grass can't do? Set your mower blades between 2 and 3 inches for optimum results.

Aim for Chemical-Free Lawn Care

Harsh chemical lawn care treatments are no longer allowed in Ontario. However, that doesn't mean that you need to watch your lawn be overcome by weeds and bugs. Instead, try our Fiesta Weed Killer in your Ottawa lawn maintenance. Fiesta is made with iron, which is naturally occurring. It will kill the weeds and not your lawn.

Go Green with Your Lawn Mowing

Any machines that are powered with petroleum have a bad environmental reputation and your lawnmower is no exception. Aside from releasing greenhouse gases into the air, you're also adding to your lawn care expense through the purchase of expensive fuel.

Your alternatives are push mowers or electric mowers. Push mowers (or manual mowers) are infinitely cheaper than their gas-powered relatives, easy to maintain, quiet, and are eco-friendly. They don't require much more effort to push than power mowers and they run on the renewable energy of elbow grease. Keep in mind that push mowers have difficulty in areas with lots of sticks, thick weeds, and rocks.

Another option is an electric lawnmower. These are available in solar, cordless, or corded models. They offer the same functionality as gas-powered lawnmowers. They are better suited for smaller yards, since the batteries can be short-lived.

This summer, make it your goal to lower your lawn's carbon footprint. To request a free, no-obligation quote, contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today.

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