Mayhem with Mayflies: Getting Rid of Spring Pests

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5/22/14 9:10 AM

Don't let mayflies ruin your enjoyment of spring. Scrap those pesky insects with the proper Ottawa lawn maintenance services. Getting rid of mayflies doesn't need to be difficult. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa knows that once you've gotten to understand your foe, you can clear your lawn without hassle. Read on to find out how you can adjust your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa lawn maintenance program to eradicate mayflies this spring.

What is a mayfly?

Mayflies are a type of fly found near areas with bodies of water, usually rivers. However, mayflies can thrive around still bodies of water as well. They eat almost anything they can, at times becoming predatory.

While mayflies can't do much damage to your lawn, and do in fact have short life cycles, you may begin to notice how irritating they are to have around while trying to enjoy a night out on the deck. Mayflies stick to absolutely everything. You'll find a layer coating your car, house, maybe even your deck furniture.

What is the life cycle of the mayfly?

As mentioned, mayflies don't live long. They lay their eggs in water, which then hatch into mayfly nymphs. These nymphs have wings and continue to live in the aquatic habitat.

When the mayflies become adults, they move onto land, but continue to stay within regions around water. This means that the mouth of the Ottawa River, lakes, and possibly even your pond if you're close enough to other mayfly habitats will attract mayfly populations. Unfortunately, there isn't too much you can do with your Ottawa lawn maintenance services with insecticide, but you can take precautionary steps.

Precautionary steps against mayfly infestations

Though you won't necessarily be able to bring pesticides in from your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa lawn maintenance services to prevent mayflies, there are other things you can do. If you have a pond that is attracting mayflies, then there are certain fish you can have that will prey on mayflies to reduce the population.

Mayflies like fresh, clean water. Fortunately, frogs also like clean water, and they prey on mayflies. Water beetles, dragonflies, and water beetles eat mayflies, too. Many fish eat mayflies, but trout in particular will snack on these little pests and the nymphs. Encouraging these creatures in your pond will be a great way to reduce your mayfly population without increasing your Ottawa lawn maintenance services exponentially.

You'll also want to make sure that you decrease the amount lights you have on at night. Mayflies, like many other insects, are attracted to lights. They will swarm around lamps and cause a huge annoyance to your post-dusk gathering. Mosquito nets around your patio or gazebo will also help reduce the frustration.

Snails near your pond will feed on mayfly eggs. By introducing snails into your pond, you'll prevent a large infestation from forming.

Reduce puddles

A good way to avoid mayflies is by reducing the amount of still water or puddles that form on your lawn. Make sure you have a proper irrigation system as part of your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa lawn maintenance program that only run when necessary. This will create fewer habitation areas, as the water will be able to soak into the ground rather than build on the surface.

If you're ready to get started with effective Ottawa lawn maintenance services to fully enjoy your yard, get your complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today!

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