Eight Great Lawn Care Tips

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10/19/12 12:56 PM

Nutri-Lawn has had the pleasure of being a leader in Vancouver lawn care services for over 20 years. We know the value that a beautiful lawn can provide to your family and home and our aim is to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your lawn. In this article, we’ll provide you with 8 great tips for Vancouver lawn care. Contact us for more information or torequest a complimentary consultation to find out how our professional lawn care programs could improve your property and outdoor experience.

Tip #1: Feed your lawn the right nutrients

Soils can be nutrient deficient due to leaching or the type of soil on your property might just not have the right composition of nutrients to support the lawn you want. Our Vancouver lawn care service gives your soil the boost it needs by supplying it with a balanced application of nutrients every 6-8 weeks. Doing so will provide your lawn with the foundation it needs to grow lusciously.

Tip #2: Aerate your lawn every year

Removing cores of soil from your lawn, known as core aeration, provides your lawn with many benefits and should be done once per year. Core aeration ensures that air, water and nutrients make it to the root system of your grass, which will make your grass more durable and lush. Core aeration is an essential component of your Vancouver lawn care and there’s nobody better to provide it than one of our professionally trained Nutri-Lawn technicians.

Tip #3: Over-seed your lawn

When you use Nutri-Lawn as your Vancouver lawn care service provider your lawn will get seeded twice per season: once in the spring and once in the fall. We do this because over-seeding will introduce new varieties of grass to your lawn to fill in the thinner areas and protect it from weeds, disease and pests while reducing the need for pesticides. Click here to learn more about our eco-friendly lawn care practices in Vancouver.

Tip #4: Use Organics-Plus Topdressing

Oraganics-Plus Topdressing is compost that provides much needed micronutirents to your lawn and helps break down the thatch that prevents air and nutrients from reaching your lawn’s root system.

Tip #5: Adjust your mowing technique

The proper length of a lawn allows it to provide its own shade and makes a big difference to how strong the root system is. You should aim to have a blade length of 2.5-3 inches, which typically means mowing every 5 to 7 days. Also, make sure that your mower blades are sharp so that it cuts the blades of grass cleanly.

Tip #6: Irrigation

Following a proper watering routine is essential to getting your lawn the way that you want it. Your goal should be to ensure that your lawn gets close to 1 inch of water every 5 to 7 days. Watering can be a pain and takes commitment, which is why a lot of people contact us to install an in ground irrigation system to ensure the best Vancouver lawn care.

Tip #7: Nip a problem in the bud

When you notice an issue with your lawn you’ll increase your chances of success by addressing it before it spreads. OurVancouver lawn care services are dedicated to diagnosing the problem and keeping your lawn looking great.

Tip #8: Nematodes

Nematodes are a helpful ally in Vancouver lawn care because these are the natural predators of the spring grubs and summer beetles that can infest and destroy your lawn.

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