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Vancouver Lawn Seeding & Maintenance Tips

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As cool rainy days lead to warmer temperatures and sunshine, Vancouver residents start to spend more time outside, preparing for the warm days of summer. Since the Pacific Northwest’s climate is unique, with microclimates surrounding the Greater Vancouver area, most homeowners don’t realize that there is actually an ideal time to seed your lawn.

The most precipitation is from October to March, coinciding with cooler temperatures. The skies start to clear in April, allowing the ground warm and not be over-saturated, making ideal conditions to plant grass seed. If you plant too early or too late in the season, it can be a waste of money and time and you won’t see the results you hope for.


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Proper Soil

You’ll want to start with the proper amount of soil so the grass has plenty of room for its roots to be securely planted. Ideally, 15 cm of top soil is what you should aim for, but remember to take into consideration that the topsoil will compress.

The pH balance is also an important component as rainy winter days tend to make the soil more acidic. Adding lime will help to create a more alkaline soil, perfect for growing grass.


 If your ground is already compressed and hard, aerating the soil will allow for water and oxygen penetration. Raking sand into the new aerated holes can help with proper drainage. 

If your lawn feels spongy, this could mean time to de-thatch. Thatch can build up when new plant matter dies before the old has a chance to break down, which can cause your lawn to suffocate. Grab a rake to start raking it out.


Lawn Seeding in April while the ground is still moist and rainy days are guaranteed is best for grass seed germination, and getting a head start on the weeds.  If you leave planting grass too late in the season, you’ll have to irrigate. Remember, however Vancouver’s watering rules between June and September.


Sunshine is imperative for a healthy lawn. You’re fortunate if your property faces southwest and doesn’t have many shade trees, but for everyone else, keeping bushes and trees trimmed to allow as much sunlight as possible is key. This also helps to control moss.

Don’t cut your lawn too short. The ideal, healthiest height for grass is 2.5 inches. If you cut it too short, summer sunshine could burn the grass, and too much space can allow for weeds to creep in.

Planting grass and maintaining a beautiful, green lawn could be a full time job so hiring a lawn care professional can be a back-saving and time-saving experience. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver knows what it takes to give their customers a beautiful yard from start to finish. Contact them for a consultation.

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