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Return to Retro: Benefits of a Push Reel Mower

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Return to Retro: Benefits of a Push Reel Mower

Spring is back, and that means a return of Vancouver lawn maintenance as well. At Nutri-Lawn Vancouver, we understand that all the bills and expenses that come along with Vancouver landscape services and practices can be expensive. And it’s not as though living in Vancouver is cheap!

If you want to cut back on bills, Nutri-Lawn landscape services can help you out. Our first tip? Bring back the push reel mower. You may be sceptical of this, but the push reel mower is a great piece of equipment to have, and will save you money, while also reducing your carbon footprint. Here’s why Nutri-Lawn Vancouver loves the push reel mower.

 Improve the Vitality of Your Lawn

Before we go into all the obvious reasons about financial savings, and environmental benefits, we’d like to point out a Vancouver lawn maintenance benefit of push reels that you may not know. Push reel mowers are actually better for your lawn than gas-powered.

Push reel mowers create fewer tears in your grass blades, and offer a cleaner, healthier cut. Not only that, but you don’t need to worry about any unsightly and unhealthy gas or oil leaks on your lawn. Premium cut, and no toxins in your grass? That’s what we call a win-win in Nutri-Lawn landscape services.

 Reduce Costs

Push reels use human power, and therefore completely reject the need for fuel in your Vancouver landscape services. While you may be thinking that most fuel-powered lawn mowers don’t use up much fuel anyway, fuel costs add up over the years.

Not only that, but your gas-powered lawn mower has far more expensive upfront costs, and has considerably more parts to repair and maintain. Maintenance costs on gas-powered are exorbitant in comparison to push reels, which have minimal parts and are cheap to repair.

 Work on Your Muscles

It’s true that push reel mowers require a little more manpower than gas-powered. But who says that needs to be a bad thing? Get a work out while spending the time on your Vancouver lawn maintenance. If you already go to the gym, then this is a two-in-one task.

Many homeowners with push reels explain the meditative factors of mowing the lawn with these machines. The work, and repetitive back and forth movements have the same calming qualities as working out.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There are many ways that you may already be reducing your carbon footprint in your Vancouver landscape services. Water conservation, using native plants, and rain sensors are just a few of the practices you may already be involved in with Nutri-Lawn landscape services, so why not add in one more? If everyone used a push reel, the amount of pollution created from Vancouver landscape services in every neighbourhood would be dramatically reduced.

If you think your mower doesn’t produce much pollution, think again. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver found out that USEPA estimated that in a single hour of running time, mowers produce up to 11 times the pollution of a new car. Cars are becoming more and more fuel efficient, and gas-powered mowers simply aren’t keeping up with the green movement.


Your Neighbours Will Love You

We’ve all been awoken earlier than desired on a Saturday morning to an early bird neighbour who wants to get the mowing out of the way. Never irritate your neighbours again with your Vancouver lawn maintenance. Push reels are quiet, and neighbourhood friendly.

Get the most affordable and eco-friendly landscaping with Nutri-Lawn Vancouver. Receive your complimentary consultation on Nutri-Lawn landscape services today.

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