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Prepare Your Flowers for the Frost

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As the leaves slowly continue to drop from the trees, you've probably begun to notice that your flowers are really taking a hit with the chilly weather. Some flowers can't be saved, but many others can be beautifully prepared for the winter temperatures with the right Vancouver lawn care. In particular, bulbs need protection so that they don't rise to the surface to face the frost.

You're likely well on your way with your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services in getting your yard ready for winter, so it's time to take care of the flowers. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver has a couple of tips to help you out.

Tidy those blossoms

Fungi spores and insect eggs are a huge Vancouver lawn care issue for winter survival of your flowers. Any leftover pests will bring you a big headache throughout the winter, and at the first sign of spring. To eliminate these problems, trim off all the perennial stems. Insects and spores hide in the foliage of your flowers.

You'll also want to remove any blackened stems or leaves from the annual flowers. Just as you trim down your shrubs and trees before winter, it's important to make an orderly flower garden.

Keep down the bulbs

As the cold weather hits, the frozen soil pushes bulbs to the surface of the flowerbed. This will ruin your bulbs, and be a bit of a mess to clean up. If you want to prevent the rising of your bulbs, Nutri-Lawn Vancouver recommends laying down a light covering of evergreen boughs. These will aid in the reduction, or overall prevention of cracking and shifting soil.

Use compost to your advantage

Did you know that active, warm compost is a major preventative solution for disease and weeds in your soil? Use compost to the advantage of your Vancouver lawn care routine. But the compost has to be active in order to be effective, so continue to mix up and add to it. While you mix the compost, look for doubtful or suspicious matter in the pile and throw it out. Any dubious looking organic materials could be host to insects or disease, and therefore could compromise all the hard work you've done with Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services.

Mix up some mulch

Your compost can be used to mix up your mulch in order to take care of two lawn care issues with one application. Mulch is an important aspect of Vancouver lawn care. You don't want hot soil during winter, but you don't want soil that fluctuates in temperature, either. Mulch can help you regulate temperatures to keep your bulbs and flowers safe.

If the ground is frozen, you want it to stay frozen. Add a new layer of mulch around your flowerbeds, trees, and shrubbery to keep your ground temperatures even through winter. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver recommends organic mulch, as it will also decompose throughout winter (albeit extremely slowly) to feed your flowers gradually until spring.

Get the best Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services and helpful advice to protect your flowers and yard from the winter wind chill and snow. Receive your complimentary quote from Nutri-Lawn Vancouver today!

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