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Caring for Your Lawn During a Heatwave

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The fact that Vancouver, and British Columbia are experiencing a heatwave will come as no surprise to you! For weeks you have been seeking out shady trees and refilling your water bottle in an attempt to stave off sunstroke, while keeping tabs on the 150+ forest fires raging through British Columbia. Imagine how your lawn must be feeling!

Restrictions on water during our current heatwave are more important than ever. Is there anything that you can do fwhile caring for your lawn during a drought? Definitely. That said, saving your whole lawn this summer might not be a possibility. But, the beauty of the lawn is that it promises to perk up over the next growing season. So, picking your landscaping battles may be a necessity during such a prolonged heatwave, and the ensuing water restrictions. 



Water Restrictions & Vancouver Lawn Care 2015

As of mid-July, the water reservoirs in the Vancouver area are sitting at 73%. This is below the normal range resulting in the British Columbia government to release water from an additional alpine lake. And at 1.6 Billion Litres per day, Vancouver is using more water than this time last year.

From July 3 to September 30 the Metro Vancouver area has put into action Stage 2 of the Lawn Sprinkling Regulation. According to the regulation, even numbered addresses may water their lawns on Monday mornings from 4:00 am to 9:00 am. Odd numbered homes can water their lawns on Thursday mornings from 4:00 am to 9:00 am. To learn more about what you may and may not use water for while Vancouver is in Stage 2 of the Water Shortage Response Plan, see this document.

In-Ground Irrigation Systems

Instead of standing over your garden with a hose watering your entire lawn for an arbitrary amount of time, get science on your side. Custom in-ground sprinkler systems only give your lawn as much water as it absolutely needs. Furthermore, using intelligent weather sensors, they take into account soil conditions, as well as any precipitation and recalculate the amount of water your lawn requires.

Better yet, in-ground sprinkler systems can be easily programmed to water your lawn during the early morning, or late evening. By not watering your lawn during the hottest part of the day, you can be confident knowing that the valuable water you are using isn’t being instantly evaporated!

Watering Container Plants

Start by watering any plants you may have in containers. They are at risk of drying out - and possibly shrivelling away - the fastest. Window boxes, hanging baskets, container plants, raised vegetable gardens, etc. Due to their shallow roots and reduced soil allowances they will require less water, and will benefit the most from even the most conservative watering schedule. If possible, allow your container plants to spend a little more time in the shade. Although, don’t forget to water them altogether!

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