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Learn about all things lawn care. From weed control to insect control and everything in between.

Jordan Lavin, Nutri-Lawn COO

Jordan Lavin, Nutri-Lawn COO

Chief Operating Officer at Nutri-Lawn
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Congratulations to the 2016 Nutri-Lawn Award Winners

4 Min

How do you keep the excitement alive after 30 years? You celebrate the success of those around you. You celebrate milestones. You celebrate achievements. You embrace the 'young energy' of the next generation of Nutri-Lawn'ers, and you applaud the execution of exit strategies into youthful retirement.

And what better place to do all that than the picturesque Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

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Topics: The Grass Expert, Ottawa, Burlington

Controlling Broadleaf Weeds

1 Min


Spot Spraying Weeds

Depending on the level of weed infestation, spot or blanket spray applications may be required. Spot spraying simply refers to only spraying the direct area where a weed exists leaving the surrounding areas unsprayed. Spot spraying is used when a small number of weeds infest the lawn and it doesn’t make sense to spray large areas that do not have weeds.

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Topics: A Guide to Weed Control