How To Prevent Common Lawn Damage

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8/1/12 12:45 PM

How To Prevent Common Lawn Damage

While every home and homeowner is different, they all stand united in a common goal: to have the greenest, most pristine and lush lawn on the block. They hang up pictures of golf greens as inspiration. They invest in lawn sprinkler installation to ensure their grass gets the perfect amount of moisture. They comb through their lawn for weeds. Their lawn mowing schedule and mower height are both set to perfection. Yet, despite all of the obsessing and hours spent perfecting their lawn, disaster can still strike. Something ends up eating holes in the grass blades, or brown patches begin to sprout. Wringing their hands, homeowners fret at where they went wrong. However, it doesn't matter how hard you work at your lawn, grass is still delicate and can be damaged by any number of factors. With the help of your lawn sprinkler installation experts, you can get your beautiful lawn back in no time!

How Grubs Can Damage Your Lawn Care

While there are many bugs that live in your lawn, some can invade and do serious damage. We’re talking specifically about grubs, which feed on the roots of grass and can kill large sections of your lawn in a short amount of time.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether grubs, drought, or other pests have damaged your lawn. One way to check is to grab a portion of the damaged lawn and attempt to peel it back. If it comes away easily, like pulling back carpet, then chances are it’s a grub issue.

If you do have a grub problem, contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa’s experts and ask about our beneficial nematodes. They are organic, safe for your family and pets, and they are the sworn enemy of grubs. One thing you can do to help the nematodes out is by using your lawn sprinkler installation to keep the soil moist. This will drive the grubs to the surface and allow the nematodes to work their magic faster.

Use Your Lawn Sprinklers to Get Rid of Pet Urine

Unfortunately for the family pet, their urine can cause burnt patches and discolouration on the lawn. This is especially true if they consistently use one area of the lawn to do their business.

One of the best ways to stop this problem is to put up a “No Pet” sign on your property to warn neighbours away. Furthermore, you can make an effort to walk your own dog off property or in various areas of your lawn so they don't get in the habit of doing their duty in just one spot. Watering after they do can also help.

To actively create a lush lawn, ensure that the soil and turf is in good health by using Nutri-Lawn’s Organics Plus Topdressing to rejuvenate your tired soil. From there, water from your lawn sprinkler installation can dilute urine and neutralize its effects.

While you can toil away at the perfect lawn, some factors are beyond your control. To make the most of your lawn when outside forces have attacked, contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa to request a no-obligation quote. We'll help you get your beautiful lawn back in no time!

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