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3/7/13 12:26 PM

How to Develop a Lawn Maintenance Schedule that Works

Lawns that are as lush, green, and as well-kept as golf course turf requires a regular lawn maintenance program in order to keep the grass healthy. Starting in the spring and ending in the late fall, there are a few things you can do to improve your Burlington lawn maintenance and ensure that it stays attractive all season long. These things include watering, fertilizing, mowing, dethatching, and aeration. The following are some hints that will help you develop a lawn maintenance program will leave your grass looking fresh all year long.

Your Burlington Lawn Maintenance Starts With Mowing

Mowing is the most essential lawn care service you can have. The grass blade is the area in which photosynthesis happens (where the plant turns sunshine into food) so it is important that you pay close attention to this area. The key is to mow frequently and leave the grass longer so it can access those nutrients. Aim for once per week.

Food for Thought

Another ritual that's fairly basic and easy to establish is fertilizing. Fertilizing gives your lawn the nutrients it needs; however there can be too much of a good thing. Over-fertilizing will do more harm than good. Aim for bi-annual feedings in the spring and fall.

Ditch that Hose – Get an Inground Sprinkler System!

For those who live in dry areas or whose soil doesn't hold water well, irrigation could be an essential part of their Burlington lawn maintenance. Regular water – whether it's Mother Nature or an inground irrigation system doing it – will help your lawn stay strong and equip it to better withstand drought and disease. If your soil has a tough time hanging on to water, that doesn't mean you're doomed to brown, dried out grass. It just means that you need to have one of our experts install somein-ground irrigation in your lawn.

Once installed, you'll want to set the sprinklers so that they water the grass for longer periods of time, but less frequently. If you go for frequent shallow waterings, your turf's root system won't be able to dig in deep, which could cause issues down the line.

Make Aeration a Part of Your Springtime Lawn Maintenance Program

If your grass is planted in clay soil or is subject to a lot of foot traffic, it will become compacted and cut off the root system from nutrients and oxygen circulation. This, in turn, makes water absorption more difficult. The solution is to ask the experts at Nutri-Lawn Burlington about aeration. This process will remove plugs of soil to give your grass room to grow. Aim to keep your aeration schedule in line with your fertilizing schedule: bi-annually and in the late spring and early fall.

Get Rid of the Thatch

Over the season, your lawn will accumulate dead plant matter, otherwise known as "thatch." When it builds up enough, it smothers your grass, foiling any of your Burlington lawn maintenance efforts. A solution to the thatch problem is to remove the thatch annually using Nutri-Lawn's dethatching services. Typically this is integrated into the lawn maintenance program in the early spring or late fall.

Need help establishing a lawn maintenance schedule that works with your Burlington property? Then give us a call at 905-632-2077 – one of our Burlington lawn care experts will be happy to assist you.

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