Eight Easy Lawn Care Steps from Nutri-Lawn

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3/7/13 12:19 PM

Eight Easy Lawn Care Steps from Nutri-Lawn

Lawn care doesn't have to be time consuming. Here are eight easy lawn care tips from the Ottawa turf care specialists at Nutri-Lawn.

    1. Aerate Your Lawn

      If you have kids or pets, your lawn can become a high traffic area. The side effects of this are that over time, the soil beneath your grass can become compacted. When it becomes compacted, air cannot circulate and water cannot drain. The end result is that your lawn will have problems absorbing nutrients. Luckily, this problem can easily be solved by contacting Nutri-Lawn and asking about our turf care services – specifically, our core aeration treatments.

      Adding regular aeration to your Ottawa turf care regiment will go a long way in greening up your grass and increasing the overall health of your lawn.

      Aerating your lawn involves punching holes in the soil about 3 inches deep. This will help give your grass a better climate to grow in: loose soil with better air circulation. In addition, your grass will be able to access water and nutrients easier.


  1. Make Watering a Part of Your Ottawa Turf Care

    Turning on your inground irrigation system for a few minutes a few times a week doesn't really benefit your lawn. If you want a healthier, greener turf, water your grass deeply and less often. This will allow the roots to grow deeper into the soil. This watering method will also help your grass stay green during periods of drought or very hot weather.

    The ideal watering schedule involves giving your grass about 1 inch of water, once per week. Allow adjustments based on local weather, the type of soil you have, and the species of grasses in your lawn.

    To make your watering schedule no-muss, no-fuss, ask Nutri-Lawn about their residential irrigation system and how they can improve your Ottawa turf care.

  2. Fertilize Your Lawn

    Just like you would feed your children a healthy diet geared towards optimal growth, you should do the same for your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn in the early spring and late fall will keep it looking lush and green all year. The same is true for any trees or shrubs that you may have as part of your landscaping. Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa for more information on our deep root fertilization services.

  3. "Grass-cycle" Your Grass Clippings

    Grass-cycling basically lets your lawn reuse the grass clippings created by mowing. It's very simple: you leave the grass clippings on the lawn instead of throwing them away.

    When you incorporate this into your Ottawa turf care, the clippings will decompose and return nutrients to the soil. They also behave as mulch, helping your grass retain water.

  4. The Ideal Mowing Height and Schedule for Your Lawn

    Cutting your lawn to the ideal height is important in order to keep it healthy and strong. However, different species of grasses have different needs in terms of height. While some species of grass prefer shorter or longer grass heights, a good rule of thumb is to aim for 1.5 to 2.5 inches of grass height. Still unsure? Ask the experts at Nutri-Lawn to provide you with an ideal grass-cutting schedule. Check out our recommendations and include them as part of your turf care services.

  5. Compost For Greener Grass

    If you hate the thought of grass clippings on your grass, why not compost them? And while you're at it, throw in your organic kitchen waste as well. Adding compost to the soil of your lawn is one of the best things you can do for your Ottawa turf care.

  6. Use Our All-Natural Fiesta for Controlling Weeds

    Many pesticides and herbicides have been banned in Ontario, but not Nutri-Lawn Fiesta, a bio-herbicide. This powerful all-natural herbicide is derived from iron and is a proven weed-killer. It works on most weeds, but is not fool-proof. Visit our guide to see if you should include Fiesta as part of your turf care services.

  7. Use Our Corn Gluten Meal to Stop Weeds in Their Tracks

    Corn gluten meal can help prevent weeds from germinating in your lawn. It also helps to fertilize your soil. Plus it's an all-natural product, so what have you got to lose?

    Enhance your Ottawa turf with these simple tips from Nutri-Lawn. For more information on our turf care services, call (613) 739-3399.

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