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What Are The Benefits Of A Healthy Lawn?

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For some reason, green healthy lawns make us feel good. But the benefits go well beyond that. From air filtration to fun & games, promoting a healthy lawn helps to promote a healthy life.

Cooling Effect

Take off your shoes and walk in the grass. The front lawn of an average home has the cooling effect of 9 tons of air conditioning. Yes, really! Compare that to the 3 to 4 ton capacity of a typical central air conditioner. Pretty cool, don't you think?

Air to Breathe

Turf grass absorbs sulfur dioxide, ozone and other pollutants. 2500 square feet of lawn converts carbon dioxide and other gasses into enough oxygen to sustain a family of four! What a breath of fresh air!

Air Filtration

At 8 or 10 individual grass plants per square inch your lawn contains millions of little dust traps. As air circulates outside, turf grass traps and removes much of the dust and dirt circulating around your home.

Water Purification

Lawns act as filters, capturing and breaking down pollutants as rainwater passes through the root zone. The microbes in your soil help break down chemicals, turning them into harmless materials.

Erosion Control

Dense healthy grass is the best natural surface we have for trapping rainfall and reducing erosion. Very little runs off into street gutters and storm sewers.

Noise Reduction

A thick lawn actually absorbs noise better than heavy carpeting. Pair that with some large shrubby trees and some clever landscape design, and you've got a good chance of blocking out that noisy neighbour of yours!

Soil Production

Your lawn continually makes soil by growing, dying off, decomposing, and redeveloping. Mulching clippings back to the soil aids the process.

Fun & Games

A quick game of lawn scrabble? Or maybe you're more of a bocce buff? Grass gives us a safe, soft area to play; true for kids of all ages.


Added Value

Spring is prime time for the real estate market, and it makes sense why. A well maintained lawn and landscape enhances “curb appeal”, adding 5 to 15% to a home’s resale value.

Mental Health

Health professionals state that people recover faster in hospital when given a landscape view rather than seeing only other buildings.

Your Lawn Is...

  • A continuing source of oxygen and cool air.
  • A cleansing answer to our environment.
  • A source of beauty and comfort.

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