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Keeping it Green in July -Summer Fertilizer is Important to Your Lawn

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Your lawn needs a whole lot of love for it to look the way you want it to. In Ontario, green grass does not just happen, it needs constant lawn care attention and maintenance for it to achieve a luscious green hue. This article is intended for those homeowners with lawns that are already established, and who are looking for a way to keep it looking even better.

The Purpose of Fertilizer

Summer Fertilizer

Summer Fertilizer adds the much needed plant essential nutrients the lawn desires to grow and stay healthy. Without it, the lawn will begin to experience yellowing or discoloration, slow or uneven growth, or invasive weed infestations could become a problem.  Maintaining a balanced fertilizer schedule throughout the season is very important and will ensure the plant gets what it requires to grow healthy especially during the most stressful times of the season. 

Fertilizing Your Lawn During the Summer

During the summer your lawn can really start feeling the heat. Drought and heat waves can cause stress and dry spots start to appear.  Fertilizing with slow release sources of nitrogen will help avoid any potential for lawn burning and flushes of uneven growth.  Slow release fertilizer sources such as Polyon and Duration are specially designed to provide predictable and consistent even feeding that last for months. To complement the enhanced performance, Polyon and Duration are ecology friendly eliminating nitrogen leaching and volatilization.

Mulch Your Clippings

Did you know that leaving your grass clippings on the lawn after mowing will actually account for a portion of your lawn’s fertilizer needs? Because this grass already contains the nutrients your grass requires, simply leaving them on the lawn - also known as Grasscylcing - will help return these nutrients to your lawn. 

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