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Summer Drought: How to Save a Dying Lawn

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Combat drought stress with Nutri-Lawn.

Summertime is the season for many things - most especially the outdoors! Now that the rain has (mostly) left us, we have moved from the warmth and comfort of our homes to the outdoor beauty of our Lower Mainland. While spending time on the deck, or playing in the yard, you may have noticed that not everyone enjoys the heat of summer. 

Is your lawn starting to look a bit yellow, or brown?

Does your lawn look brown or yellow?

Good news! Your team here at Nutri-Lawn Vancouver are here to help! To keep your grass healthy and green throughout the hot Summer, there are 2 immediate things you can do without costing you a dime!

The first is to make sure that you are mowing to a height of about 3″, no shorter! The reason for this is that the roots of the grass are as long as the plant is tall. Basically, the longer the roots are, the better able they are to find water trapped further down into the soil.

Second, you want to make sure that you are taking advantage of your watering opportunities. Your lawn needs a minimum of 1″ in depth of water every 3–5 days. This 1″ in depth is needed to make sure that the water goes down into the soil further and helps those roots stretch into the soil. A great way to figure out 1″ in depth is to put an empty tuna can out on the lawn under your sprinkler of choice and set a timer. Once the can is filled up - that’s an inch! Stop the timer and now you know how long it takes with your water pressure on your lawn! In fact, check out our video online here

Nutri-Lawn also has you covered with some applications designed to give your lawn the helping hand it needs through the hot dry summer. Our Summer Stimulant application (great name right?!) is a Kelp-based product that works wonders for any lawn experiencing stress.  That’s right, grass can experience stress just like you and I! When grass starts to stress, it starts to shut down unrequired systems, like keeping itself green. Our Summer Stimulant application works like Ibuprofen does for your headache. It doesn’t sure that cause of the stress, but does alleviate the stress enough that the grass can start to heal itself.

Proper watering is important in summer.

Another great option we offer our clients is our Organic Pelletized Compost. This wonderful product is comprised of high quality compost that is baked at 150° so that you can be guaranteed that the only thing this contains is compost and not weed seeds, insects or other harmful pathogens! Now, in addition to adding lots of great nutrients to the lawn, our Organic Pelletized Compost also acts like a sponge, holding water for your lawn to grab when it needs it!

Proper watering, higher mowing and help of some special products and your lawn too can be Summer-proof! Chat with our experts today to find out how Nutri-Lawn Vancouver can keep your lawn green all summer long!

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