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Re-Introducing the Push Mower to Your Burlington Lawn Care

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You may remember the days when the push reel mower was the prominent mower variety in the neighbourhood. You may even be happy that those days of arduous pushing are over. However, your gas-powered mower isn't as friendly as you think it is, and your push mower certainly isn't a foe. Push mowers are far more advantageous for your Burlington lawn care than you may realize. In fact, we recommend push reels as a highly beneficial addition to your lawn care program. Read on to find out why Nutri-Lawn Burlington endorses these old-but-good lawn care machines.

Push reels cut cleaner

Believe it or not, push reel mowers have a superior cut over gas-powered mowers. Their rotating blades trim your grass rather than tear and rip at it. Like any blade, you'll need to check from time to time to ensure the edges are still sharp. While you keep the blades maintained, you're going to get a healthier, cleaner cut than with the more aggressive gas-powered counterpart.

Nix fuel expenses

The cost to fill up your gas-powered lawn mower may not seem like much, but the expense can certainly adds up over time. If you want to reduce the amount of money you spend on lawn care, a push reel mower is a great option.

It goes without saying that this rejection of fuel will also decrease the level of pollution that your household adds to an already damaged environment. Nutri-Lawn Burlington believes in eco-friendly lawn care practices. Every small step counts and it will make a difference.

Create less compaction

Push reel mowers are considerably lighter than gas-powered. Heavy mower traffic is one major cause of lawn compaction that can be dramatically decreased by switching to a lighter mower. Compaction suffocates your lawn, and makes it difficult for the water and roots to burrow into the soil.

Though compaction can be solved with Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services such as core aeration, you'll be able to create an even healthier lawn if you take preventative measures.

Fewer breakdowns

Push reel mowers are simpler machines than gas-powered. This means that they have fewer parts, and are therefore a lot less likely to break down than a gas-powered machine. This will save you both money and time on maintaining your lawn care machinery.

Exercise while you mow

While this might not be a top priority, getting a work out while you mow is definitely a benefit. Navigating a push reel mower takes some muscle to steer correctly. Though this may seem arduous at first, many homeowners who use push mowers claim that mowing with a push reel is a relaxing experience. The action of driving it around the yard can be meditative in the repetitive effort required.

When all else fails, keep reminding yourself of how much more eco-friendly you'll become once you invest in a push reel mower. To begin your Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services today, call to receive your complimentary quote to finally have the lawn of your dreams!

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