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How To Deal With Mushrooms On Your Lawn

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Sweep or rake mushrooms off your lawn.

Mushrooms can be an annoying eyesore if you take pride in your lawn's appearance, but they're perfectly harmless to your grass. Mushroom spores are everywhere, but they most often appear after prolonged rain or heavy watering. Decomposition of buried organic matter such as pieces of wood, dead roots, or tree stumps can result in mushroom growth in the turf above.

Mushrooms growing in the lawn is a common occurrence for many turfgrasses. Find out how you can reduce mushrooms sprouting in your lawn.

Reducing mushrooms on your lawn

  1. Sweep or rake the mushrooms off the lawn. Bag and remove mushroom clippings. They will reappear when conditions are met again however, as it is almost impossible to permanently remove them.
  2. Remove any buried material such as logs or stumps.
  3. Aerate annually to help control thatch.
  4. Ensure balanced pH by adding lime if required.
  5. Water infrequently and deeply, allowing the top 1" of soil to dry between waterings.
  6. Improve airflow by pruning the base of hedges and trees.
  7. Feed the lawn a regular balanced diet of nutrients.

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