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Fall Lawn Weeds: Prepare for Battle - Nutri-Lawn Burlington

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Spring and fall, the best 2 seasons for weeds to invade your lawn. As you wander outdoors to take a closer look, thinking that you may not have to do much to your yard until next spring, you start to notice weeds. WEEDS!?! Yes. There’s one, and one over there, and another over there. Where did they come from? The lawn was weed free this summer!

No matter how healthy your yard may have been, the ground changes through the season, weed seeds germinate, and before the grass revives from its dormant period, the weeds get a head start. When dealing with weed control and lawn weeds, you need to be tough. They’re hearty and long to win the race against your grass. There’s a fine line, however - too tough, and you can damage your yard; not tough enough and they just keep coming back. Since Ontario’s pesticide ban, gardeners have had to get creative when dealing with weeds. Here are some remedies to dealing with a couple Ontario’s worst weed culprits:


Though dandelions make it easy for kids to pick a pretty bouquet for mom, they are the bane of many homeowners. The struggle to get rid of dandelions seem never ending. Just when you think you’ve got them all, more appear. You may have seen people out on their hands and knees with a trowel digging up individual stems, but what if your lawn is more yellow than green? At Nutri-Lawn, we kill Dandelions with Fiesta, made from iron.


Crabgrass is one of the worst culprits of Ontario lawns because it can grow even in the hottest, driest weeks of summer. Plus, all you need is one plant to seed in the fall, leaving thousands of seeds ready for spring germination. If you’re able to catch it before it spreads like wildfire, there are a couple of eco-friendly options which could help. Boiling water poured on crabgrass can kill it at the roots. It can also kill the surrounding grass, but if done early enough in the season, the grass can easily rebound. Another option is good old-fashioned digging. Use a serrated knife or weeding tool and slice into the root. Pull the weed and repeat. It’s a perfect Saturday afternoon activity for the kids! Crabgrass is an annual, and usually dies off in August - September on it's own accord.

Keeping on top of weeds in your lawn can be a full time job, so unless you have all the time in the world, calling a professional like Nutri-Lawn may be your best option. They have the knowledge and know-how to give their customers a beautiful, green, weed-free yard by using eco-friendly options like Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer which works fast, doesn’t smell, and doesn’t kill the grass. Take back your yard with a consultation from Nutri-Lawn!

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