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Fall Lawn Care Tips And Tricks

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Prepare your lawn for winter this fall.

Fall is a beautiful time of year... the colors, cool breeze and leaves..... lots and lots of leaves! As beautiful as fall is, there are still quite a few lawn care chores to get done before the first snow fall of the season hits. Time to buckle up!

How you care for your lawn in the fall has a significant impact on how your turf will perform the following year. Here are some fall lawn care tips and tricks from the experts at Nutri-Lawn to help you lay the ground work for a lush, green lawn next spring.

Mulch fallen leaves:

There's no need to waste those colourful leaves! They’re a great source of carbon, potassium, and phosphorus. For a cost-effective and all-natural compost, save mulched leaves for next spring to add homegrown beauty to your garden beds.

Make it a habit to rake:

It's important to stick to your raking schedule in the fall. Letting leaves pile up is potentially damaging to your grass, due to a lack of sunlight needed to build up winter hardiness.

Raking should be a routine in fall.

Prepare your deck for winter: 

Fall is a great time to give your deck a good wash and get rid of any mold and debris before winter. Repair any rotted boards you see, and depending on the condition, stain and seal your deck as well.

Remove lawn debris:

Remove all debris in the lawn and garden before Jack Frost comes to town. Leaves, sticks and rocks can prevent spring growth and promote pests and diseases over the winter.

Winterize your irrigation system:

Taking care of your irrigation system is crucial to prolonging its life, so make sure that you don’t leave winterizing your pipes and sprinkler heads to the last minute. Any water that's left behind has the potential to freeze, expand, and eventually damage the system, creating a whole mess of problems for your property!

Winterize your irrigation system.

Stay off if the grass is wet:

If heavy rain or sleet has your lawn extra wet, try not to walk on it. Extra pressure will leave your soil more compacted, giving it less chance to take in important nutrients.

Leave leaf bags on the curb: 

Give your grass a pass by leaving your bagged leaves on the curb after raking! Keeping the bags off of your lawn allows the grass to breathe and avoids unnecessary turf damage.

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