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6 Benefits of Composting in Spring Lawn Maintenance

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The push toward eco-friendly lawn maintenance isn't just a passing fad. "Green" lawn care services help seriously reduce your impact on the environment, on local wildlife habitats, on water sources, and in some instances, on the amount of waste you produce. Composting is one such habit that is beginning to see a rise in use. If you're considering composting, you may be questioning how this practice can contribute to your Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services. Learn more about the benefits of composting below.

#1. Reduce waste

You'll quickly notice that the amount of garbage you produce is vastly decreased when you begin composting. The government of Alberta estimates that approximately 30% of the waste produced by homeowners is compostable organic matter. This means that your garbage output could be lessened as much as or more than 30%. Nutri-Lawn Burlington recommends that you combine composting with recycling and a push reel mower to have a truly eco-friendly lawn maintenance schedule.

#2. Free fertilizer supplement

Compost makes a great fertilizer supplement for your lawn maintenance. As the organic matter decays, it releases the nutrients needed for your plants to thrive. While it's probably not a good idea to use only compost to fertilize your gardens, as this won't have all the nutrients needed, it works beautifully with your existing fertilizer regime. Talk to a Nutri-Lawn Burlington specialist about whether or not you can reduce or change your annual fertilizer application once you begin to use compost.

#3. Slow release fertilization

The most useful aspect of compost fertilizer for your lawn care services is that the nutrients within compost release slowly. Rather than a burst of nutrients from synthetic fertilizers, compost takes longer to decompose. This slow release provides your lawn with food for longer, making your lawn maintenance that much more effective.

#4. Assist in irrigation lawn care services

Compost helps balance the texture and compaction of your soil. If you have loose, sandy soil, your lawn is going to struggle to retain the water you provide to it. Contrarily, if you have compacted clay soil, your lawn care services may go to waste, as grass roots and water will both have a difficult time tunnelling through the soil. Adding compost to sandy soil will provide the density needed to retain more water, but will also loosen up the compaction of tough clay soil.

#5. Purge contamination

The organic matter in compost actually works to eradicate contaminants in the soil of your garden. The spongy material sucks up odours, as well as volatile and semi-volatile compounds in the ground. If you're fortunate, your compost could even remove chemicals and pesticides that may have seeped into the soil. This should be less of an issue after the pesticide ban in Ontario, but some pesticides leave remnants in the soil for years following application.

#6. Reduction of air pollution

The larger your city's landfill becomes, the more pollutants it releases. Methane and leachate are both created within landfills, regardless of the type of matter that is decaying. When your compostable materials combine with other non-compostable and non-recyclable materials, you're allowing the formation of pollutants.

If you're ready to go green with your lawn care services, contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington today for your complimentary quote.