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3 Soil Problems Solved

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The foundation of any building needs to be sound or the entire structure is compromised. Ever consider how solid the soil foundation is under your lawn? Poor soil will mean a scraggly or thin lawn and can lead to other chronic problems. If you have a soil problem, your lawn care efforts may be sabotaged from beneath. 

The unique climate in Vancouver means that we get some common lawn questions that are really soil questions. Our experts are trained to diagnose and solve these soil issues that arise with homeowners across our region. Getting a correct diagnosis is vital to treating the problem correctly and getting rid of it the first time. Let’s take a look at some common soil problems.

Can Only Grow Plants In Certain Parts Of The Yard

This could be due a number of factors, but as this question relates to soil, sometimes the answer lies in a small bit of history. Builders will often remove the top soil when they’re putting up structures. Top soil is simply the top layers of soil, and usually this is the most fertile soil. When a builder completes a new home, they will often replace the top soil around the home, but not for the rest of the yard. Those deeper, less fertile layers, are now what’s left for your lawn to try and grow in.

Nutri-Lawn Vancouver uses a combination of slow and quick-release fertilizers that can amend the soil and replace the nutrients that are typically found in the absent top soil. These fertilizer mixes deliver nutrients throughout the season to give your lawn the boost it needs to thrive.

Can’t Get Rid Of Mushrooms

Mushrooms love soil with a slightly acidic pH, while grass (you guessed it) does not. This is very common in the Vancouver area. Mushrooms are actually the flowers of the submerged root system, so just pulling the top flowers doesn’t rid your lawn of the problem, just the visible evidence of the problem.

You can spend time pulling mushrooms if you want, or you can contact Nutri-Lawn Vancouver and ask about our Calcitic Lime treatment that will restore the pH in your soil to favour the grass not the mushrooms. This lime mixture is designed to take affect sooner than other store-bought brands.

Water Pools On Top Of The Grass

When rain storms hit and your lawn isn’t able to absorb the moisture fast enough, the water will pool on top of the lawn. Sometimes this is because there is a low-lying area in your lawn, and the solution for this would be to bring in soil and raise that portion of your yard. More commonly, homeowners asking this question have soil drainage issues. This could be due to compaction, especially in high-traffic areas. The soil get packed down so hard the water can’t penetrate fast enough to prevent this minor flooding. The composition of your soil will also play a role. If the soil is more of a clay-based mix, the water will pool on top of the lawn. More sandy soils generally don’t have this issue.

Getting your soil aerated will really help to relieve soil compaction and create pockets for the rain in clay-based soil. Overseeding is an excellent next step after aeration.

You can request a free quote now from Nutri-Lawn Vancouver to deal with these, or any other problems your lawn is facing. Take the guess work out of lawn care and have our professional team deal with the problem so you can relax and just enjoy a lush green lawn all summer long!

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