Tips for Enjoying a Mosquito-Free Yard

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6/4/14 9:21 AM

No one enjoys the party once mosquitoes decide to crash. Unfortunately, these little pests are nearly invisible and tough to shoo away. While bug spray and citronella candles can help to a certain extent, there are other techniques recommended by Nutri-Lawn Vancouver that you can keep in mind when practicing Vancouver lawn care. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn maintenance services can be adjusted to help with your insect infestation, but your daily activities can have just as large an impact on how many bugs crash your garden party.

Get rid of standing water

Mosquitoes use water as a breeding ground. This isn't really much of a secret to homeowners, but for some reason homeowners often forget to remove standing water from their lawns. Ponds, as you'll see below, are one example of standing water that should be kept around. However, other smaller and less permanent areas of water should be removed from the lawn once dusk arrives. These include pet water dishes, water in birdbaths, plant saucers, and so on. It only takes a couple of minutes to drain them and refill with fresh water the next day, and could save you hours in itching time.

Another big step is to adjust your irrigation so that it doesn't run at night – which isn't good for your lawn anyway – and to make sure your irrigation isn't creating puddles. Puddles on your lawn will make mosquitoes think your grass is a safe space for their eggs. Read our article on how Nutri-Lawn Vancouver recommends you water your lawn to avoid issues such as this.

It's time for spring-cleaning

If you have unnecessary piles around your yard, it's time to scrap them. Check woodpiles for rotten wood, woodchip piles that are no longer useful, and compost heaps. These are perfect shelter for mosquitoes, particularly if they are damp. While Nutri-Lawn Vancouver certainly doesn't suggest getting rid of your compost, which is an effective tool in Vancouver lawn care, it is important to make sure your heap is in an area of your yard that has less traffic during outside gatherings.

Other objects that attract mosquitoes are scrap items that retain water. These can be old tires, gardening tools, old tarps, upright wheelbarrows, and water pots. If you have a tire swing in the yard, drill a few holes around the bottom of the tire to let water drain.

Mosquito traps

This trap is similar to that of citronella, but safer for your pets' noses and longer lasting than citronella. All you need is water, water conditioner, fish (guppies or gold fish are cheap and work perfectly), a couple of water plants, and a container to put it all in. If you already have a pond with fish and plants, then you're set.

If you don't have a pond, use an old fish tank or clean cat litter box. Fill this with water, your water conditioner, the guppies, and the plants. Place this is an area of your lawn where it won't be knocked over. Mosquitoes will be drawn to the water, where they will be food for your guppies. Make sure to check for dead guppies every few days, and clear away dead plant matter. Also make sure the water level doesn't get too high from the rain or low from evaporation.

If you choose to do this, think outside the box. Find ways to make your mosquito trap visually appealing so that it contributes aesthetics, as well as functionality to your lawn care.

You can also talk to your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver specialist to find out how your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn maintenance services may be adapted to eliminate mosquitoes if you have a particular problem with these pests. Receive your complimentary quote on Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn maintenance services today!

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