Revitalizing Your Lawn for Spring With Burlington Landscape Services

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4/2/14 2:37 PM

Your lawn pays a pricey toll to the harsh winter weather. When the snow finally melts to reveal that first patch of grass, it may not be the emerald green you want it to be. For that reason, spring is the season for revitalizing Burlington landscape services. Just as you may want a deep soothing spa day following severe outdoor weather, your lawn wants the pedigree Nutri-Lawn Burlington lawn care services to bring back the beauty you remember from last summer.

Find out what you're working with
The reality is that the type of soil your lawn has can determine the health of your lawn. If your lawn is made entirely of clay, your irrigation system is going to have a harder time getting water to your roots. Contrarily, if it's all silt, your roots won't be able to grab on. It's time to test your soil to figure out what you're working with, so you can adjust your landscape services accordingly.

A simple solution recommended by Nutri-Lawn Burlington is to lay down a layer of nutrient rich topsoil. Topdressing your yard will bring back the nutrients needed, and provide a healthy ground in which your grass can retain the moisture provided by your irrigation.

Fertilize with the proper level of pH
Maintaining a balanced pH in your soil is another essential step for regaining a healthy lawn. If you don't already, include pH testing into your annual lawn care services.

Once you've discovered the pH levels of your soil, a Nutri-Lawn Burlington specialist can help you determine if you're using the right fertilizer in your Burlington landscape services. You can also figure out if the type of grass you've put down is the right kind for your soil. It could be that your grass is having a difficult time surviving because it requires different levels of pH than what your soil has been providing. If this is the case, then it may be time for lawn renovations. Renovations are best taken care of before the extreme hot season hits.

Replace the old with the new
Is your tired old grass starting to look patchy and exhausted? It may be time to overseed. Overseeding is the process of adding new, fresh seed to patchy areas of your lawn. It brings back that thick, plush look that is so beautiful in a spring yard.

Beyond aesthetics, overseeding does a great job at helping your lawn protect against weeds. The renewed strength brought on by adding more grass seed fortifies against weeds that threaten to choke out weak roots. This strength also contributes to fending off lawn diseases, grub damage, and heat damage.

Reduce compaction caused by winter detritus
Compacted lawns have a harder time enjoying the nourishment of water and fertilizer. Reduce compaction by adding core aeration to your lawn care regimen. Core aeration punctures holes into your soil to relieve the pressure of a compacted lawn, and to offer tunnels through which nutrients can travel. The water then goes deeper into the soil, encouraging your roots to take a deeper, sturdier hold in the soil.

Nutri-Lawn Burlington also recommends dethatching to remove the thatch build up on your lawn's surface. Thatch is the deposit of detritus that is tangled in your grass, and hinders water and fertilizer from reaching your grass roots. Removing this once or twice a year is a great way to ensure your Burlington landscape services aren't falling on unresponsive grass.

Don't hesitate to begin the revival of your lawn. Contact Nutri-Lawn Burlington today for a complimentary quote on our lawn care services.

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