Reasons to Embrace the Push Reel Mower

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5/29/14 9:17 AM

Since the popularity of gas-powered mowers picked up, the push reel mower has been left in the dust. Most people believe it to be a thing of the past. However, the push reel mower comes with more benefits to your lawn care regimen than you may realize. This handy old-fashioned device works wonders to create a gorgeously lush lawn without added expenses. And to boot, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint with this simple adjustment to your lawn maintenance routine.

Not quite convinced you want the arm workout from a push reel mower? Read on to learn why Nutri-Lawn Vancouver endorses these handy machines.

Get rid of gas

Push reel mowers are powered purely on human energy. You no longer need to worry about trips to the gas station or noxious fumes coming from the spout of your mower. Not only will this decrease the amount of pollution your home produces, you're also going to reduce the amount of money you put into your lawn care services. No fuel means no weekly expense.

Push reels have fewer parts

Push reel mowers are simpler machines. This means that they have fewer parts than your gas-powered mowers, and are therefore a lot less likely to break down. Push reel's reliability contributes to reducing your monthly lawn maintenance expenses. It also saves you time that you'd be spending fixing and maintaining a gas-powered machine.

Reduce compaction

Push reel mowers are lighter than their fuel counterparts. Heavy gas-powered mowers contribute to your lawn's compaction, and therefore hinder the overall health of your lawn. Push reels are considerably lighter than gas-powered, which means they won't add more pressure to your soil.

Though compaction can be cured with Nutri-Lawn Vancouver services such as core aeration, it will help your budget and the health of your lawn if you can prevent serious compaction from occurring.

Get a work out

While this may not be high on your list of lawn maintenance priorities, the fact is that a push reel mower is going to give you a bit of a workout. As you increase the health of your lawn, you can also increase your own health. You need to use a bit of muscle to navigate one of these mowers around the yard, but many push mower owners find the job to be a relaxing one.

Get a better cut

Push reel mowers offer a superior cut to their gas-powered partners. The rotating blades are less likely to tear and rip at the grass, and instead offer the clean trimming that Nutri-Lawn Vancouver recommends for keeping a lawn healthy.

Every once in a while, check the blades to make sure they're still as sharp as they were when you first started using the mower. As with any other cutting blade, your push reel mower can become dull with usage and time, so it's important to maintain a sharp edge. The sharper the edge, the cleaner the cut will be.

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