Parasitic vs. Beneficial Nematodes

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6/11/14 11:31 AM

As a homeowner, you may be familiar with nematodes. Nematodes are used as a solution to grub problems, but did you know that not all nematodes are beneficial? There's a difference between beneficial and parasitic nematodes. When nematodes are part of your Vancouver lawn care, you want to make sure you're applying the right kind. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn maintenance services can help you choose the proper nematode type, but it's good to know about the different types yourself, as well. Here is some information straight from the pros at Nutri-Lawn Vancouver.

Beneficial nematodes munch on grubs

Beneficial nematodes offered by Nutri-Lawn Vancouver are focused on hunting and chowing on grubs. These won't hurt your lawn as they tunnel through looking for their prey. They're used as the most organic and harmless way to remove harmful grubs from your lawn. They're effective at their jobs, and won't attack your grass in any way.

Parasitic nematodes munch on your lawn

Nematodes munch on your grass roots. If allowed to breed and thrive, these little rascals will severely damage your lawn, possibly resulting in death. Nematode damage worsens when poor Vancouver lawn care is in practice. Other insects, diseases, fungi, mould, malnourishment, compaction, and improper watering can contribute to increased nematode damage.

Harm to humans

Regardless of the type of nematode in your lawn, neither type is going to harm your kids or yourself. Nematodes are disinterested in human or animal flesh. It's mainly this reason that beneficial nematodes are highly encouraged as a solution for grubs – they're completely harmless while remaining entirely effective, unlike harsh chemical insecticides.

Types of beneficial nematodes

There are two common types of beneficial nematodes used in Vancouver lawn care: heterorhabditis and steinemema. Within each of these genus are included several other species. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver will choose the appropriate species of beneficial nematode depending on the type of grub you have in your lawn.

Avoiding parasitic nematodes

Unfortunately, getting rid of a parasitic nematode infestation is usually impossible. Pesticide management is almost entirely out of the question for homeowners. Fortunately, you can prevent an infestation from occurring by slightly altering your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn maintenance services.

Parasitic nematodes tend to thrive in sod. When planting new grass, use seed instead to avoid inviting parasitic nematodes into your lawn. You can also ensure you have a healthy, strong lawn by using proper watering techniques, core aeration, and fertilization. Never underestimate the power of a good mowing routine in strengthening your lawn. If you mow too short, parasitic nematodes are more likely to infest your lawn.

Also, watch the type of soil in your lawn. Sandy soils are more likely to have parasitic nematodes breeding beneath the surface. Warm lawns also are going to be more appealing to these nasty little pests.

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