How to Protect Your Lawn Against Drought and Insects

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7/17/14 10:11 AM

Drought and insects – two of the most common Vancouver lawn care ailments that a homeowner struggles against. Don't wait until your lawn is damaged or dying to fight against these grass killers. Use preventative measures for insect control and proper hydration. You can easily adjust your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services to avoid these hassles altogether. Find out how with tips from Nutri-Lawn Vancouver.

Pick the right seed

Every grass seed is unique. When you spend time choosing the right one for your lawn, you'll ultimately have a healthier and stronger grass in consequence.

Some grass seeds repel insects due to their endophyte levels. These will be your ryegrasses, bluegrasses, and fescues.

Other grasses naturally withstand drought better. Fescues, Zoysias, and Buffalo grass are just a couple of seed varieties that withstand harsh temperatures, traffic, and heavy sun.

To pick the right seed, think of what your grass needs. Are you looking for a super combo? Go for a blended grass to really boost your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services. A mixture of fescue, ryegrass, and bluegrass will protect against drought, insects, and disease.

It's best to go with a seed that is native and low maintenance. Native plants are built to withstand the climate of your particular area, and are therefore more likely to survive when the going gets rough in a drought.

Dethatch before it's too late

Diseases and insects like hiding in thatch. Thatch is the perfect breeding place throughout the winter to keep these little lawn pests warm while the cold runs its course. If you want to get rid of insects, you need to get rid of their shelter.

Before the winter hits, dethatch your lawn. Aeration can do a good job of this, while also providing pathways for water and nutrients to tunnel through your lawn as it decompresses soil compaction. This is the perfect hybrid of healthy Vancouver lawn care and insect control.

Mow and water properly

Like anything else, there are particular techniques to irrigating and mowing that are going to get you better results than other techniques.

The most important thing to remember when irrigating is to avoid over or under watering your lawn. Both can have damaging effects to your grass. Your lawn requires only 1-2 inches of water every 5-7 days to become strong, verdant, and vibrant. During a drought, however, your lawn can go into dormancy. This is when you allow your lawn to go brown. It may look dead, but in reality it's only sleeping.

When you're watering, make sure you're only running those sprinklers early in the morning. Early morning is the most effective time to water your plants as the temperatures are cool enough for maximum absorption, but the sun will rise soon to take away any excess water to stop it from collecting on the surface. Surface water brings about disease and a larger insect population.

Get the right mow height. Grass that's too long will shield surface water from the sun. Grass that's too short won't shield water enough to allow absorption. Each grass has its own preferences for mowing heights, but a good rule to remember in your Vancouver lawn care is to never cut off more than 1/3 of the blade at a time.

Protect your lawn with the best Vancouver lawn care and insect control this summer. Begin planning your Nutri-Lawn Vancouver lawn care services today with a complimentary quote from the experts at Nutri-Lawn Vancouver.

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